What should address when running BigCommerce enterprise automation?

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Nothing is more significant in today’s retail industry than eCommerce. Over the last few years, the industry has grown at a staggering 300 percent, and this trend is expected to continue. While traditional in-store sales remain robust, the rapid growth of eCommerce, especially mobile eCommerce, shows no sign of abating. You are probably feeling the temptation of building your own small business. However, some may also feel frustrated not knowing how to build one and make it work. In this article, we will show you some key areas an enterprise needs to address before running BigCommerce automation.

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Be the best in your field

Look at your initial purposes and brand objectives. Your aim should be to strive while doing your best. When you look at what you want to do in the field and ask yourself the right questions, you’ll find answers.

Director of Business Development at 1Digital Agency – Michael Prusich, expressed that it is not necessary to be excellent at everything, just be the best at something.

“From my experience working in small businesses and overseeing business development for small businesses and our clients here at 1Digital, I believe one of the biggest roadblocks that small business owners run into is that they want to solve every problem at once and want to try to do too much at the same time.

Although this is typical of an entrepreneur and a small business owner, I have found that being great at one thing lends itself better to the initial growth and development of a smaller company as opposed to trying to spread yourself too thin.”

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Focus on your niche

When starting a new business venture, it’s natural to become excited and want to expand into new markets. However, dispersing your efforts too thinly will result in missed opportunities to reach an audience. It is important to leave enterprise automation tools for repetitive tasks.

Dan Kogan, CEO of 1Digital Agency, discusses the areas in which he believes small business owners should concentrate their efforts as they expand their brand.

Stay focused on your niche and constantly:

  • Optimize your products and services,
  • Focus on organic SEO growth as it drives trust,
  • Stay committed to your niche, so that you can stand out from the pact,
  • Reinvest into digital marketing. Sales trumps all.

Do not underestimate customers’ feedback

Listening to feedback from your customers is crucial as you develop your company. Although it may be tempting to filter out negative feedback, the reality is that both positive and constructive criticism will foster your company to grow.

Jason Boyce is Dazadi’s co-founder and CEO. Jason has learned the ins and outs of developing a company from the ground up during his tenure as CEO of Dazadi. From capital raising to designing and sourcing private-label goods globally, to software creation and project management, to digital marketing, and more, he has had tremendous success developing meaningful strategies in the ever-changing world of eCommerce.

Jason’s top tip for small business owners is to emphasize the importance of listening to and communicating with customers. Besides, ensure that you encourage citizens to interact with you. Product reviews are an excellent source of feedback. Additionally, social media and recording customer service contact are ways to communicate and receive feedback.

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Provide unforgettable experiences for your customers

Consider some of your favorite brands; what about them strengthens your loyalty? The customer journey. A positive customer experience has a domino effect. If done correctly, it will result in an increase in positive brand recognition, traffic, and loyal customers to your online store.

Kaleigh Moore, a freelance writer at kaleighmoore.com, argues that small business owners should prioritize “Create memorable experiences for customers and go the extra mile. That effort still pays dividends.”

enterprise automation


It is definitely a long way for anyone to start their own small business. However, after investing time into reading our work, we are hoping that you now have a better and clearer idea of how to build your business with the assistance of BigCommerce. Check out Atom8 for a better understanding of an enterprise automation tool. Good luck with your work, and we are looking forward to seeing your online company prosper in the future.


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