How to conduct enterprise-level eCommerce optimization analysis?

enterprise-level ecommerce optimization analysis

E-commerce optimization harmonizes the ever-changing needs of a retail operation with the vastly expanding needs of running a website. Neither retail nor website operations exist in a vacuum and must be operated in tandem to achieve true optimization. This article will show you how to conduct optimization analysis for your enterprise-level eCommerce store.

Implement SEO best practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a ladder in and of itself. Tons of components go into holistic SEO. Each rung in the SEO ladder makes it easier for Google (and other search engines) to understand your webpages and serve them up as search results to satisfy users looking for your targeted keyword phrases.

Here are three high-level SEO components that you need to get right:

  • Keyword optimization: The single greatest thing you can do to improve your SEO is to be intentional in the keywords for which you optimize your pages. Find relevant keywords with decent average monthly search volume and optimize around them.
  • Metadata: Take the time to get your keywords into crawlable metadata, such as your title tags, alt tags, and URLs. And then, take the time to create engaging meta descriptions and other non-crawlable assets to encourage click-throughs from your organic search listings.
  • Technical SEO: The back-end performance of your website is the foundation on which your front-end SEO tweaks succeed. You can have all the right optimizations, but none of it will matter if your page takes 20 seconds to load. Technical SEO includes page load times, HTML tagging, coding cleanliness, etc.

Iterate on user design and experiences

Improved user experiences are listed as a benefit of e-commerce optimization. Achieving the improvements requires constant iteration, testing, and analysis.

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There’s a constantly unfolding brave new world of website design and digital experiences. And you have to stay on top of these for ongoing e-commerce success, including simpler components, such as integrating payments from Apple Pay. It also has how users experience your site. Are our product pages static? Do they feature videos? Are they an infinite scroll page? These components will lead to greater on-page engagement and translate into increased sales.

Update product pages, descriptions, and images

You must be sure that the content you’re presenting for each of your products is accurate and engaging.

Take the time to translate common knowledge about products into customized messaging geared toward your specific audience. Spend the time testing different product page designs to understand which one visitors best respond to. Also, invest in quality images and videos for your products.

Your product pages are the face of your e-commerce business so the improvements will go a long way toward holistic optimization.

Optimize operation performance by integration

Another way to optimize operation is to combine with integration within the system. By integration, businesses can receive analytics, extra features that maximize business revenues. One of our products, Atom8, which is an excellent automation tool, allows businesses to automate repetitive tasks. Atom8 leaves businesses plenty of time for bigger things to solve and automate every task so your business can achieve its best at the end of the day.


You’ve taken the time to launch your online business. That’s a significant investment and a great start, but getting your site live is like showing up at the starting line. The gun is fired, and the race starts once you pursue e-commerce optimization when things get real — investments, resources, site traffic, and sales. I hope you can see this article as useful in learning how to conduct enterprise-level eCommerce optimization analysis

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Dive into your e-commerce optimization and do whatever you can to tweak and improve your site. It’s either going to work or not, and if it doesn’t, at least you’ll be able to walk away knowing that you gave it your best. But don’t worry, it will work, and your online store will provide you with years of noble optimization chasing.

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