An overview of ERP integration

erp integration

Nowadays, the power of ERP integration in business operations has been proved by the current successes of many organizations. ERP has connected different departments and created smooth, transparent, effective workflows and data flow for the whole business. There are some special points of the integration that the business runners need to comprehend to utilize effectively for their business growth. 

Introduction of ERP Integration That You Should Know


Without the integration, the business runners can’t have an overview of business performance and keep track of operations in real-time. The integration can link different apps and data sources to create a smooth system for any business process. It also strengthens the consistency and encourages collaboration between employees despite various departments. 


CRM-ERP Integration

There are many kinds of integration that can support different business purposes. Firstly we would like to introduce CRM – ERP integration. CRM systems can help you store customer data or other insights and connect with ERP to manage orders, process the fulfillment, and conduct the shipping. There are some popular CRM  systems on the market, such as Adobe, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SAP, etc. Moreover, a more convenient choice for business runners today is using the ERP, which already has a CRM system. 

E-Commerce-ERP Integration

The e-commerce business usually prefers e-Commerce – ERP integration to support their eCommerce selling. The e-commerce platform can go along with customers during their online shopping experience, from searching for products and placing orders to checkout. Moreover, there are some additional features that the e-commerce platform can bring to your business and customers. The integration between eCommerce and ERP systems helps the companies manage the order fulfillment process, inventory status, and delivery process. 

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ERP-ERP Integration

In the case of mergers and acquisitions, the business will need to combine different ERP systems to form a united strategy for the whole industry. The integrated ERP systems aim to develop and ensure consistency and accuracy in customer data, selling activity, and business performance.

Customer Service-ERP Integration

There is a kind of integration that optimizes customer satisfaction, reduces churn, and increases conversion. We called it “Customer Service – ERP integration.” The system includes a variety of applications to solve customer issues, support customers, and all other services to ensure the best shopping experience for the buyers. Some customer service ARP integration runs on an AI basis to generate a suitable and personalized approach for each customer segment.

Benefits of ERP Integration

Enhance Customer Experience

The very transparent benefit of the integration is enhancing and personalizing customers’ experience in your e-Commerce store. The approaches built on customer data, intelligent insights, and AI processing are realistic, suitable, and effective in boosting the interaction between buyers and sellers. 

Leverage Effectiveness

The integration system can help the business runner identify potential problems And prevent them from avoiding delay, cancellation, and other serious results that can negatively affect the business performance. With the support of the system, the business can keep an eye on the operation to optimize effectiveness and leverage productivity.


After reading the article, we hope you can understand and have fundamental knowledge about ERP systems. You can take advantage of the integration to strengthen their business operation and boost business growth in the future.

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