Google shopping integration with BigCommerce: what does this mean for your store?

Google shopping integration with BigCommerce what does this mean for your store

It has been always mentioned by Google that businesses should create streamlined shopping experiences for shoppers. And following this issue, they have created Google Shopping. This application leads ads of the product right directly to the site selling the item. To boost this convenience, Google has been encouraging the use of Shopping ads more and more, with several new features released earlier last year. In this article, we will show you how Google shopping integration with BigCommerce can affect your store.

More qualified traffic 

Google Shopping can bring you much more qualified traffic. This works similarly to Google Search, you only have to pay if someone clicks on a Google Shopping ad. Once you are running a business, and you only want to pay for clicks that are potential and convertible, then Google Shopping is exactly what you need. When a person searches for something, they will automatically be encountered with fully updated information regarding the product image, name, functionality, price and even shipping, promotion if included. Plus, it even shows up next to other similar products. So users can be updated and compare products before making a final decision.

As a matter of fact, when somebody clicks on a shopping ad, the likelihood is that they are interested in it. All the information is given up front, and alongside other options. Unlike a text ad, so much specific detailed information is already available before you even pay for the customer to click.

Better user experience equals to better conversion rates 

Compared to other regular search ads, Google Shopping built a much more streamlined experience for users. When someone clicks on the ad, it will take them directly to tha product page. By doing that, users can save a lot of their time, and their effort instead of clicking around to some other pages, sites before figuring out the final place that sells the products. The process is designed to be extremely simple. This is a brilliant feature of Google Shopping, because it all helps to streamline the conversion process. This equals to the fact that when consumers are being taken straight to a product page, there is less chance that your customer will get annoyed by your website, and disappear! This leads to a higher cost per conversion, and an overall better return.

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Inventory management

From the above points, it seems clear that once you apply Google Shopping, the chances are that you will get more potential customers. However, what happens when the product they want to buy is out of stock? Many will think that they should hide that product away and display it again when it is restocked. That is not a really good idea since it means you are losing a lead that is possibly about to be converted. It can be understood easily that your consumer will go to another store to find, and don’t care about the fact that you can immediately restock. In this case, refer to Backorder. This app allows consumers to order even when the inventory equals 0. By doing that, you do not have to care much about the stock, and consumers will not lose their chance to buy their favorite item. 

Above are some changes that might happen to your store when Google Shopping integrates with BigCommerce. Most of them are positive signs, however, still you must prepare to handle all of the arising tasks. 


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