How to automate headless eCommerce store

automate headless ecommerce store

There are numerous benefits to automating a headless eCommerce store, with speed and efficiency being two of the most notable. When implemented correctly, automation can help you manage your inventory, process orders, and fulfill customer requests in record time. In this blog post, we’ll outline three steps on how to automate a headless eCommerce store.

How can headless eCommerce help your business?

Comparing headless commerce to the conventional monolithic design has various advantages for your business:

How to automate headless eCommerce store
  • Implementing omnichannel is simple by using headless. If an eCommerce company wants to go beyond the desktop, developers only need to create a new frontend because the presentation layer and the content layer are separated.
  • Changes to the storefront are simple and quick thanks to headless. Due to the age of fast-shifting client expectations, the ability to swiftly make changes to the storefront with less coding using headless has become more significant.
  • Headless enables quicker page loading times and increased conversion rates. No matter the volume of traffic, a headless platform can benefit from static site generation and load quickly. Additionally, the customer’s network processes less data than a full-stack system would because APIs only extract the data that is required at the time.

Why automation is critical to headless

Migrating to headless is simple thanks to solutions that let companies set up the front end and easily convert their backend to a headless option. But without an automation solution, companies run the danger of missing out on a wide range of apps that are essential to their productivity.

Simply said, these platforms do not have strong core expertise in app integration, hence a tool for automation is necessary to link the platforms to a diverse app environment.

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How to automate headless eCommerce store

Determine what platform suits your needs

How to automate headless eCommerce store

Depending on how big your firm is, the first step to automating a headless eCommerce store is to choose a suitable platform. For instance, a small firm can use a headless solution without migrating by adding an application programming interface (API) from a platform like Shopify Plus.

A midmarket or corporate organization may choose a service-oriented design, which provides greater flexibility and scalability as your business grows.

Choose a headless content management system

You will require many platforms in a standard CMS in order to deliver your content to various channels. With the help of APIs, a headless CMS distributes content across numerous touchpoints while using a single platform to produce content that is tailored for each channel.

There are two different headless CMS options available to you: open-source solution and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution

Sync your APIs with the headless CMS

To automate a headless eCommerce store, the headless CMS and your APIs must then be in sync. This guarantees simpler and more seamless data flow.

How to automate headless eCommerce store

To prevent any interruptions to your customers’ experience, headless APIs link new components to the architecture of your present site. We advise connecting a headless commerce API that is already ready to use from a reliable SaaS vendor.

You can break up the migration into phases if you’re moving away from a single platform and replacing your legacy system piece by piece.

In Conclusion,

If you’re looking for a way to automate a headless eCommerce store without all the hassle, we’d recommend using Atom8. Atom8 is a no-code automation app that can take care of tasks like order management, inventory updates, and shipping for you. It’s perfect for busy business owners who want to focus on what they do best. So why not give it a try? We think you’ll be impressed with just how much time and energy Atom8 can save you.

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