List of inventory managing methods for beginners

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Inventory management is essential to ensure seamless good flows for customers and meet their demands at any time. Having better control of inventory is difficult, which is why eCommerce stores need innovative techniques to handle it. Therefore, our article today will give you an essential list of inventory management that can perfectly benefit your current system. 

Essential List Of Inventory Manageming Methods


List of inventory managing methods for beginners

Keeping a close eye on the stock of several distribution channels which comes from different supplying sources is a nightmare. As each distribution center follows a specific process, businesses need to use automation to stay updated with the stock status. Moreover, the process of inventory management includes different steps, from suppliers to end-customers that employees can ensure perfect performance. Therefore, automation adoption is becoming essential in your list of inventory managing methods for beginners. Businesses can form different workflows to handle goods, and then let the system automatically operate. People in charge can observe and keep track of processes by dashboard or visualized report to control the whole process. Automation not only brings higher productivity but also reduces mistakes in any inventory management procedures. 

Real-time Notification

Normally, modern inventory management is equipped with real-time notification features. Employees need a reminder to notice inventory status, restocking plans, or unexpected issues. Real-time notification can reach the internal employees when needed, and also connect related stakeholders to keep track of their products. For instance, customers receive restock notifications for their favored products, then they can visit the store again and place orders.


List of inventory managing methods for beginners

As we mentioned, inventory management includes connections between different stakeholders and selling channels, so businesses need an integrated solution to handle all the processes. The integration allows businesses to take advantage of several software such as project management, email marketing, automation, etc. to enhance inventory management. In a real case, stores utilize integration to display a number of available stocks on a product page and then pop up the CTA button when those products nearly go out of stock.

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List of inventory managing methods for beginners

For any business, especially in peak seasons, out-of-stock is really inevitable. As considered a failure that can affect customer retention and overall revenues, out-of-stock need to be tackled completely. That’s why backorder is becoming widespread and should be on your list of inventory managing methods. Backorder allows customers to purchase unavailable items, and then receive them at a later date. If you are running stores on Spotify or BigCommerce platforms, you can choose BackOrder to resolve this stock problem. After applying BackOrder, you only need to pre-set all items as back-ordered. Then when they are sold out, the customers still can purchase. 

BackOrder CTA


In fact, each business will need different solutions in its list of inventory management methods to strengthen stock management. However, automation and backorder play an integral part to make inventory become well-controlled. If you need more advice, GritGlobal can bring robust solutions to your store.


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