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The impact of pandemic Covid 19 was a serious strike to all businesses big or small. Online now is no more a word, but more of a strategy if enterprises want to survive through the storm. In the context of B2B, it is much more crucial due to the complicated procurement process of workflow. They have to start adopting technologies or convert their old digital catalogs into a thriving e-commerce store that will satisfy all customers’ expectations. Understanding that circumstance, this article will point out the top Magento 2 B2B Extension for community edition.

Layered Navigation extension

Offering consumers a variety of product recommendations is a strong point that businesses can do. On the other hand, this could take lots of time to surf and find the right one. By using this application, the problem is solved. Layered Navigation extension allows people to filter the items, depending on Categories, Colors, On-sale, New, In-stock, Product rating, or status. It will be much quicker to sort out the unnecessary. 

Furthermore, all items sourced will be displayed on one single page only, consumers will then have a broader view of the products and they will not have to waste time scrolling or clicking to move to other pages. 

Hide Price extension

In the case with each customer, you offer a different range of pricing, then the best way is to hide the price, to improve customer engagement. Hide Price by Mageplaza is an incredible solution for Magento 2 stores that provide owners with the ability to control price displays. This will then motivate shoppers to jump in contact with salespeople to receive the personalized pricing strategy in an effective way.  

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Request for Quote extension

This is an application that can be used for owners who sell products based on the features of the item. It helps to enhance the communication process among owners and shoppers. Magento 2 Request for Quote extension helps shoppers to ask for a quote for one, several items, or the whole cart. Shoppers will add their favorite products to the quote cart with their expected prices. After viewing the quote requests, merchants can accept, discard, or discuss more with shoppers and edit the quotes.

Quick Order extension

The name explains its function. Quick Order will help you to simplify the purchasing process and by doing that, the conversion rate stands the chance to be raised. This is applied to consumers who already have in mind the kind of product they want to buy or repeat their buying. Shoppers can add different items to the cart and checkout easily.

The module helps wholesale customers to add items in big amounts to the cart and finish buying within several clicks only. This solution is the primary factor that leads shoppers to check out faster. 

Sales Reps and Dealers extension

This sounds a bit over the league, however, in order to have a thriving business, it is essential for the business itself to offer flexibility in choosing sales reps and dealers. On the other hand, Magento 2 Default only gives store owners limited functions in managing and monitoring sales representatives. As a matter of fact, customers likely feel dissatisfied because they cannot select the dealers they want to work with.

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With this application, owners get to assign specific customers and orders to specific representatives. Moreover, the module ensures a high-quality personalized service to your shoppers, which builds the foundation for a strong relationship with them.


Based on this article about Top Magento 2 B2B extension for community edition, we hope you have picked some modules that are essential for your business. Don’t forget to consider its reviews and rating, price, support from the provider, money-back policy, etc. Each business might need different modules. However, we believe these are worthwhile choices to make.

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