Top 5 Magento 2 wholesale extensions

magento 2 wholesale extension

If you are looking for a Magento 2 wholesale extensions, you’ve found the right place. The article will introduce to you the top best extensions for B2B you can try to deal with a different aspect of the whole journey. So, let’s check them out!

Wholesale Module for Magento 2

A second name on the list is Wholesale Module from Exinent Store. Indeed, this Extension is one of the most effective solutions for approving and managing wholesalers. Similar to the Wholesale B2B module, this extension permits wholesale customers to log in to an exclusive portal with special prices. Take a look at some unique features of this module:

Key features:

  • This extension offers a specific registration form for wholesalers, with additional fields such as company name, phone number, address, postal code, country, and PayPal account.
  • Besides, the admin is able to customize some specific features for wholesale customers such as payment options, pricing …
  • Also, it permits the admin to turn on and off the wholesale feature from the backend

B2B Platform by GritGlobal

This is a genius platform designed and invented by GritGlobal, a simple and absolutely user-friendly platform. But this platform can offer you scalable benefits that will relieve burden off your shoulder. For example, some outstanding key features are:

  • Customizable Catalogs, and Prices
  • Flexible payment types according to partners’ need: on account, credit assignment and split payment
  • Easily manage invoices, purchase history, and refund
  • Allow partners to place bulk orders quickly
  • Add extra confirmation steps with order approval process
  • Allow quote requests with easy negotiation
  • Assign permission for sales representative masquerade
  • Quickly and accurately generate quotes with Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) tool
  • B2B Automation to boost productivity and efficiency
  • Partner relationship management (PRM) and Field Sale App (FSA) utilities
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Wholesale extension by MageArray

The one developed by MageArray is a user-friendly module. Like other extensions, the primary purpose is to revolutionize your store by creating an exclusive website for wholesalers to access crucial media files quickly. These are the key features of this extension:

  • Provide a customer registration form with additional information required such as Tax/VAT, address, region.
  • Allow guests to create a wholesale account.
  • Approve and assign wholesalers to a specific group after registration
  • Create a different wholesale website for wholesalers
  • Show products, categories, price and add to cart button after login

Wholesale by Magedelight

The first name we will mention on the list is the Magento wholesale extension from Magedelight. This extension allows the store owners to create the package of multiple products quickly, as well as make the fun of buying the activity for their wholesale customers. Besides, this extension is easy to add, modify, or subtract the products in the wholesale package.

Key features:

  • Firstly, this extension provides the ability to manage the single product as well as the wholesale product
  • Also, it supports an unlimited number of package items
  • Besides, it comes with the ability to limit the capability of accessing wholesale products
  • At last, this tool enables adding multiple products without returning to the product page

Wholesale by Iwdagency

If you are looking for a helpful extension that enables creating multiple wholesale orders and boosts your revenues for your business, then the Wholesale extension from Iwdagency is a perfect choice. This module not only assists you to solve all wholesale orders effectively but also provides the customer with interesting shopping experiences.

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Key features:

  • Permit wholesalers to add configurable products to their cart by using product matrix
  • Ability to expand the wholesale reach
  • Enable admins to limit the credit for each wholesale account in their store
  • Wholesale registration and approval included


Above are top 5 Magento 2 wholesale extensions that you should not bypass but check them out immediately for instant results witnessed on the sales revenue. If you have any questions regarding these extensions, leave a comment down below for us to help you out. 


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