How to use customer insights to merchandise products for the BigCommerce store

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Customer insight is one of the powerful factors to help you upgrade, strengthen and leverage your business selling activities. Many businesses know how to gain many customers inside with the smart tools; however, just a few companies know how to use them efficiently and effectively to contribute to the business success. Therefore, we suggest some approaches to help you utilize customer insights to merchandise products on your BigCommerce store.

Ways To Utilize Customer Insights To Mechanside Products

Examine Customer Journey

Customer insights provide detailed information about the customer journey that you can examine at each buying stage. We can identify the barriers that customers encounter and whether they are satisfied or not. With the good points, we can focus on them, invest more, and develop our strengths in merchandise products. However, with the bad points, you can try to improve them and find the solutions to help the customers overcome the obstacles. Improving your weaknesses is extremely vital as the customers will appreciate it, reinforce their loyalty and enhance the brand’s reputation. 

Improve Product Quality

One of the main functions of customer insights is to improve product quality. Customer insights will be fundamental for you to research the customer process of using your products, such as if they find any difficulties when using the product or whether the product meets their requirements and expectations. In detail, feedback is also one of the crucial factors in customer insight, which will recommend you improve the product in the future.

When you can address the customer insights and use them to enhance your product features and functions, you can design the most realistic, helpful products and stand them out from your competitors.

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Enhance Customer Service

Customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of your merchandise product strategies are also affected directly by the quality of customer service. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the customer insights to improve customer service. The customer service that sticks to the customer insights will be supportive and helpful and can retain many customers.

Launch New Product

Listening to customers will help you to have a chance to create and merchandise product line that has supportive and powerful features that the customers want. Therefore they are willing to buy it, and you will get success with the latest products. 

Strengthen Marketing Strategies

Customer insight is one of the key ingredients for successful marketing strategies. By understanding what customers need, want, and expect, you can design and develop a marketing strategy that can convert the target audience into customers and maintain the customer relationship in the future. For example, Atom8 can group and edit customer categories based on insights and customer data to produce personalized approaches. Moreover, the existing customers’ customer insights can help you make plans to attract more customers in the same target segment.


Merchandising products is not too difficult if you know how to exploit customer insights efficiently.  We have suggested some effective approaches that you can use to generate suitable strategies to merchandise products for attaining great customer satisfaction.

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