BigCommerce Integration with Atom8

Atom8 BigCommerce Integration

With its robust features and third-party applications for merchants, BigCommerce has quickly become the ideal choice for B2B eCommerce. In recent years, BigCommerce has fixed its sights on B2B eCommerce and Enterprise, bringing new and exciting features designed explicitly for B2B selling: BigCommerce’s new multi-storefront feature and B2B retools.

While the average mom-and-pops eCommerce store utilizes around 3-4 applications for their business, B2B Enterprises use anywhere from 10-12 software for daily operation, all of which need to work seamlessly with their BigCommerce storefront. Data fragmentation can hinder large businesses, increasing development costs and time. Atom8 – BigCommerce Automation solution streamlines BigCommerce stores with easy-to-implement cross-platform integrations and omnichannel automation, bringing scalability to BigCommerce Enterprises.

Understanding BigCommerce Integration

BigCommerce is a robust, developed eCommerce platform that natively provides powerful extensions and integrations. A quick search on the BigCommerce App Marketplace will bring up some essential apps for online selling, such as HubSpot, Klaviyo, or ShipStation. All BigCommerce apps communicate and perform actions on BigCommerce using API requests. However, BigCommerce lacks native integration abilities for cross-app interactions and more advanced in-app actions. For some BigCommerce stores with a complex app system, integration can become a problem for the development and engineering team.

Must-use BigCommerce Integrations for all stores

BigCommerce x CRM/CMS Integration

Your BigCommerce store is most likely connected to a CRM or CMS system to manage your orders, customers, and sales. HubSpot, Salesforce, and Sage are beginner-friendly CRMs, but other stores might also prefer using other proprietary software. While most CRM can already use BigCommerce API to track and update customer information accurately, stores might also want to develop more advanced and custom actions. Here are just a few BigCommerce Integrations for CRM that merchants can build on Atom8:

  • BigCommerce to HubSpot: Update Customer Information using HTTP PUT action
  • BigCommerce to HubSpot Marketing: Send customized emails through HubSpot Marketing when Order is Created
  • BigCommerce to Salesforce to Klaviyo: Assign Customer to Group and Send Marketing Email when Order of X Amount is Created
  • Contact Us to see how Atom8 can bring BigCommerce Integration to your business
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BigCommerce x IMS/ERP Integration

A BigCommerce store’s Inventory Management System is the backbone for all operations. An IMS is often regarded as the one source of truth on all data for inventory, order, and shipping. Thus, many BigCommerce stores chosen IMS systems must be compatible with other software to ensure an accurate flow of information. A dedicated integration software like Atom8 to accurately define data and perform actions in your IMS based on BigCommerce triggers is vital for Enterprises. Atom8 users perform an average of 25 workflows daily, including many BigCommerce x IMS Integration workflows:

  • BigCommerce x Cin7 x BackOrder: Enable BackOrder purchases and Threshold for BigCommerce and update corresponding inventory changes for Cin7
  • BigCommerce x ShipStation: Update Order Information from ShipStation and Send Notification Emails using BigCommerce Customer Information
  • BigCommerce x Finale: Change Inventory Levels for Multiple Storefronts when an Order is Created on BigCommerce
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BigCommerce x Dropshipping Integration

When the owner of a BigCommerce business wishes to dropship certain items, the manufacturer must provide real-time information on stock levels.

A built-in native solution that seamlessly syncs inventory between a merchant’s BigCommerce store and a third-party supplier does not exist in BigCommerce.

To do this, the supplier will have to use the BigCommerce API to connect to the seller’s store. Atom8 can provide third-party integration using HTTP Requests and Actions to provide quick, high-quality integrations instead of a more durable solution.

BigCommerce x Walmart x Amazon Integration

Many sellers utilize different platforms for their products; the most popular are Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. Regardless of where you sell your products, these platforms must share a common data source for customers, order, and inventory tracking. While BigCommerce’s app market provides many singular-purpose integration apps for different platforms, Atom8 can integrate BigCommerce and any eCommerce hosting site that provides API access. With Atom8, BigCommerce stores can freely sell and operate on multiple eCommerce sites without relying on a complicated and expensive integration system.

  • BigCommerce x Walmart: Create an Order on BigCommerce and Create a Customer Profile on BigCommerce when Purchase is Created on Walmart
  • BigCommerce x Amazon: Update Inventory for BigCommerce when Order is Created on Amazon, and vice versa
  • Contact Us to see how Atom8 can bring BigCommerce Integration to your business
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BigCommerce Integration with Atom8 is easy to understand, reliable, and, most importantly, cheaper than native integration through internal development. If your BigCommerce store has trouble with a bloated app ecosystem or wants to save on development costs, contact us to see how Atom8 can help bring scalable integration and BigCommerce Automation to your business today!


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