eCommerce Automation Workflows to Improve Post Purchase Experience

post purchase experience ecommerce automation workflows

Why post-purchase experience is important for eCommerce?

The eCommerce market is evolving to a greater extent. The market of eCommerce was worth $3.535 billion at the end of 2019, according to Statist. Moreover, that follows year-on-year revenue growth that saw revenue jump from $1.336 billion in 2014 to $1.336 billion this year. Whenever eCommerce platforms experience economic development, the eCommerce automation workflows can help the business owners in increasing their economic well-being.

The primary assumption is to discover any manual processes or repetitive operations. Pot-purchase experience is quite important.

Essential Post-Purchase Workflows

eCommerce automation workflows of post-purchase repetitive tasks should be handled smartly. Employees could handle the eCommerce automation workflows more efficiently by software, apps, or technology. You then take those responsibilities away from your staff.

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Product Care Guide

The product care guide is the most efficient way to make a customer more loyal. Employees can give the customers a thoroughly detailed product care guide. Employees do not have to share the product care guide. Automate this workflow and enhance the knowledge of the customers regarding the care of the product. So, try to automate the workflow and spread the word about the right usage of the products.

Request for reviews

Do you ever wonder how you can show your customers that you appreciate their business?

The answer is quite simple. Just add the thanks or request for reviews from the customers. They will enjoy the product reviews and It only takes two words to make a significant difference in your customer’s post-purchase experience and help you develop a long-term relationship.

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Offering purchase incentives

Employees work hard to offer the purchase incentive after they have bought your product or services. So, automate the workflow so as to prevent employees from making mistakes. If the work is not stressing, people can undertake the job most efficiently. So, automate the purchases incentives to attract new customers.

Apology coupons

Making mistakes is part of all businesses. Any business is not complete without an apology strategy. Businesses can use workflow automation to streamline their procedures. So, introduce the apology coupons and ease the anger of the grieved customer. However, try not to repeat the mistake.

Replenishment Emails

When clients’ prior purchases are about to run out, replenishment emails are sent to remind them to make another purchase. So, send out an email regarding the replenishment of the products. Also, make sure to automate the replenish emails on your ecommerce platform.

Automated return process

Repetitive manual tasks abound in the returns workflow. Employees can automate the workflow for sending the return product knowledge or emails. So, automate these processes and increase the profits on your website.


The post-purchase processes can be automated so as to improve the post-purchase experience. So, ecommerce platforms should automate the post-purchase experience, which are undertaken by the employees every now and then. The automation workflows would enable the employees in performing the repetitive tasks with greater speed and efficiency.


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