Retain More eCommerce Customers with These Tactics


Are you looking to succeed in the eCommerce space but not sure what tactics will help you retain more customers? In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, it can be challenging to identify and leverage effective strategies that will boost your customer base and eCommerce customer retention. 

Fortunately, there are tried-and-true approaches that entrepreneurs can use to boost loyalty—all while elevating their brand and reputation as an essential online business. Keep reading for intriguing insights on how to masterfully foster repeat purchases from your eCommerce store customers!

What is the eCommerce customer retention rate?

The percentage of current consumers that keep making purchases from your brand over time is known as your eCommerce customer retention rate.

You’ll have a high customer retention rate if your business gets a lot of repeat customers and, if feasible, keeps clients enrolled. However, if your organization seldom does business with a client after the initial order, you have a chance to enhance your retention rate.

eCommerce customer retention

Retain More eCommerce Customers with These Tactics

Offer an excellent customer experience

We cannot emphasize enough the significance of a nice and enjoyable user experience. According to a 2019 research study conducted by Oracle and Jeanne Bliss, 43% of customers will discontinue doing business with a brand due to a negative reviews contact. Furthermore, 59% of them will warn their friends and family about their poor experience.

Create a distinct post-purchase experience

The period immediately following a customer’s initial purchase is one of the most critical in their life cycle. Consider the post-purchase email campaign to be your returning customer onboarding flow. Customers will be less inclined to return to your store if you don’t create clear, proactive expectations with them.

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Create a compelling customer loyalty program

Loyal clients return to your brand on a regular basis, making them a beneficial addition to your business. According to a Yotpo 2020 poll, 68% of customers will participate in a loyalty program if one is provided. Using a customer incentives marketing plan, you may turn your consumers into passionate fans and boost their buying frequency.

eCommerce customer retention

Perform consumer surveys and learn from their responses

Don’t just guess what your consumers want; ask them! eCommerce customer retention necessitates ongoing communication since their interests and preferences vary over time. 

It is vital to poll them on a regular basis to verify that your retention initiatives are effective. Gather and analyze client feedback to identify trends that may be used to improve your buyer’s experience.

Segmentation can help your eCommerce store’s marketing

Improve and optimize your store on a regular basis to keep it running swiftly and efficiently. Customers may be segmented for more targeted, powerful messaging.

eCommerce customer retention

In addition to segmentation, keep your website as smooth and low-effort as feasible. Check your web page load speeds, track the success of your calls to action (CTAs), and reduce the number of needed clicks whenever possible.

In Conclusion,

You should now have a solid foundation of knowledge to increase your online store’s eCommerce customer retention rate. Remember, high-quality customers, are worth their weight in gold and happy customers will lead to positive word-of-mouth marketing. 

If you need help analyzing your eCommerce data or brainstorming new ways to keep your customers coming back for more, contact us today.

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