Risks to Consider when Transferring eCommerce Platforms


To scale your eCommerce business, stay ahead of your competitors, and keep up with consumer demand, migrating to a new eCommerce platform may be necessary. Transferring eCommerce platform is complex and risky, but with the proper support and strategies in place, it can take your business to the next level.

Risks of Transferring E-Commerce Platform

Risks to Consider when Transferring eCommerce Platforms

Time and cost are among the biggest issues that should be taken into account when migrating to a new platform, including time for your staff to get used to the new platform. Other risks surround data migration and integrations with platforms you already use or will use with your new website.

In addition, you should also pay attention to SEO. If not, your internal links might no longer work, and customers who already bookmarked your pages will no longer find you. Your rankings will decline, leading to a drop in organic traffic. So it is wise to choose a trusted web development team to help you maintain your SEO while transferring to a new eCommerce platform.

There’s also a chance it will take your customers a while to get the hang of your new website. To ensure it is a success in the long term, there are some things you should do to minimize risk, including usability testing and load testing. You can also get valuable customer insight from user feedback surveys.

Pros of Website Platform Migration

Risks to Consider when Transferring eCommerce Platforms

Transferring an eCommerce platform can be part of a digital transformation that helps your business succeed online. If you move your eCommerce platform well, you might be able to offer better online customer service. It can be personalization, mobile responsiveness, improved navigation, integrations with new plugins, improved usability, online chat, or the ability to deliver many other new customer benefits.

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Besides offering an improved user experience, a successful transfer of the platform could lead to plenty of business benefits as well. An improved customer experience is likely to result in improved conversion rates. Also, a new platform could help you streamline business processes and enhance operating efficiency.

The Bottom Line

There are always risks associated with transferring eCommerce platform. Still, with thorough research, you can choose the right platform for your business and have a trusted web development team by your side. That way, the rewards will certainly outweigh the risks. Don’t know where to begin? Contact us now for help!


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