Sales Promotions for Your eCommerce Store


As an eCommerce business, sales promotions are integral to growing your store and connecting with potential customers. Whether it’s discounts on merchandise, loyalty programs for regular customers, or giveaways on social media, there are multiple strategies you can deploy when it comes to cost-effectively marketing your online store. 

Today we’ll be exploring the various eCommerce sales promotions available for eCommerce businesses and providing advice on how best to utilize each option for maximum success. So buckle up – here we go!

What are eCommerce sales promotions?

eCommerce sales promotions are specials and discounts designed to attract new consumers, enhance conversions, and drive revenue. Brands utilize discounts and promotions in their eCommerce strategy for one solid reason: they work. 

However, the outcomes are not assured. The effectiveness of your eCommerce sales promotions is greatly dependent on the targeting, terms and conditions, and incentives themselves.

Sales Promotions for Your eCommerce Store

Best eCommerce promotion ideas to increase online sales

Welcome promotions

First-order discounts are an excellent strategy to boost eCommerce conversion rates. A welcome campaign may be used to get clients to join your monthly newsletter, download your app, or exchange personal information with you. This is especially useful considering the capitalization on the opportunities for third-party cookies.

Free shipping offers

Free or reduced delivery is another eCommerce advertising approach targeted at driving conversions. By providing free shipping, you may persuade your consumers to make a more significant purchase than the two of you had anticipated or keep them from canceling the order—unexpected delivery costs are the leading cause of abandoned purchases.

Sales Promotions for Your eCommerce Store

BOGO & bundling promotions

A terrific method to provide value is to offer a free item. Strategically utilizing it may also help you get rid of goods that don’t sell well on their own and raise AOV (average order value). To optimize inventory management and allow you to up or cross-sell items, BOGO promotions are frequently utilized in the eCommerce industry.

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Happy hours & flash sales promotions

Happy hour promos enable you to capitalize on slow business periods and generate extra revenue. Consider an online retailer of swimwear that offers deals throughout the winter.

On the same line, flash sales are short-lived promotions that arouse FOMO and a sense of urgency. They are also great at drawing in fresh clients and boosting demand.

Abandoned cart promotions

With more than 60% of abandoned carts, order abandoned promotions have evolved into the ideal technique to move clients along the sales funnel. You may conduct this eCommerce promotion as a coupon campaign or as an auto-applied discount – for example, add a personalized link in the email that directs customers back to the checkout with the discount already applied.

Sales Promotions for Your eCommerce Store

Re-engagement promotions

Retention is critical for long-term eCommerce success. That is why reactivation eCommerce sales promotions are so prevalent in online retail. To engage inactive consumers, send them a tailored email or a push notification with a discount on their favorite category or wishlist products. You may also include a quick poll to ask clients how you can improve in the future.

In Conclusion

If you want to go above and beyond for your eCommerce sales promotions, use our eCommerce upsell & cross-sell app – OrderBooster

Or reach out to our team of digital marketing experts to help you create a campaign that considers all of the following: claim substantiation, exclusivity, urgency, social proof, limited-time offer (while still being relevant), risk reversal, and more. In short – we know how to craft an irresistible sales promotion that will have customers returning for more – so don’t wait, reach out today!

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