Sockwholesale – The secret recipe to streamlining inventory management

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About Sockwholesale

Sockwholesale is an American footwear company that uses breathable Cotton Poly Blend to provide the perfect elasticity and high-quality socks. Besides the aesthetic factor, Sockwholesale’s socks are physician-choice diabetic socks that enable maximum blood circulation. They are ideal for patients suffering from edema, neuropathy, and diabetes, but they also are great for anyone that wants a great quality sock that won’t bind on the leg. Read our case study for Sockswholesale to learn more.

This product is available in multiple lengths (Crew, Quarter, Low Cut, and Over the Calf) and in various colors and sizes. Sockwholesale became many American favorite brands not only because of its origin made but also its variable categories that are available anytime. So, what is the secret recipe for such streamlining inventory process?

The common problem of the clothing industry

Not just footwear, the clothing industry all has problems with inventory management because of multiple variants in colors, sizes, and materials. This became especially difficult for new businesses to forecast the most precise amount of inventory for the first year. Customers tend to browse endlessly through variants and would not want to end up with their favorites being out of stock. 

From the very first day, Sockwholesale has been suffering the problem because one of its unique selling points is the ability to provide a wide range of variants for each product. While it is still difficult to get the stock on some specific variants, Sockwholesale must put on hold on those variants and make them available for the rest. The main problem was that merchants wanted to do wholesale business; they would like to buy from every variant, not just a few. The final decision can be wholly dependent on such factors. 

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And, Sockwholesale found BackOrder on the BigCommerce marketplace. 

Here comes the solution

BackOrder is proud to be the only solution on BigCommerce, and from the very beginning in 2021, Sockwholesale has trusted us with their many variant products. Using BackOrders, they can showcase their long list of materials such as acrylic fibers, bamboo yam, combed cotton, and many more without worrying about their supply chain issues. 

After going on trial for two weeks, Sockwholesale has signed up for Enterprise Plan Store for almost two years now. Sockwholesale set the BackOrders for some product variants that could go out of stock or delayed due to the influence of pandemics or wars while setting the backorder threshold for in-stock variants to 0. Using BackOrders results in significant revenue savings and an opportunity for Sockwholesale to find a stable supply for such backorder variants. We hope that reading this case study on Sockswholesale has helped you advance your inventory management skills.

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