Stop hiding out-of-stock items. Use this BigCommerce sort products trick instead


If you’re running an online store, it’s important to keep your inventory as up-to-date as possible. Unfortunately, some items can go out of stock quickly, frustrating customers when they need help finding what they’re looking for.

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One way to deal with out-of-stock items is to hide them from your customers. This can be done by using the BigCommerce sort product feature. Keep reading to see how it works!

Settings for product searching

Once a customer searches, search settings impact how the results are displayed on the storefront. Go to Settings -> General and click on the Search tab to see the search settings. The Default Product Sort option determines the order in which goods are displayed.

Stop hiding out-of-stock items. Use this BigCommerce sort products trick instead

Product sort order

When the storefront Featured Items sort type is selected, the sort order number of a product may be used to modify how goods are ordered on a category page. When the category page is sorted by another kind, such as Newest or Alphabetical, it has no effect. 

This is the most effective technique to carefully manage how goods are presented, whether in a single category or throughout the whole shop.

  • By default, all goods have a sort order of 0.
  • Items are shown in increasing order, thus a product with a sort order of 25 will appear nearer the top than a product with a sort order of 50.
  • Since negative integers are permitted, -1 will show higher on the list than 0.
  • Products with the same sort order are sorted by product ID, with the most recent appearing first.
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To change a product’s sort order number, go to Products View and then click the product’s name. Go to the Sort Order field by clicking on Storefront Details. While Importing and Exporting Goods, Sort Order is also an importable field.

Stop hiding out-of-stock items. Use this BigCommerce sort products trick instead

Default product sort

The order in which goods are shown on category pages is determined by the Default Product Sort configuration. Both storewide (via your store’s Display options) and specific categories (via editing the category) can have it configured. 

This is merely the standard layout without any user input; customers may still modify the layout to their chosen view by changing the sort order.

Changing the default product sort can be done for a variety of reasons. You could, for instance, wish to:

  • Enhance the goods with the best reviews and ratings
  • Initially display goods with the least expensive default pricing
  • Sort your goods in alphabetical order
Stop hiding out-of-stock items. Use this BigCommerce sort products trick instead

Storefront BigCommerce sort product

With a dropdown selector, customers may alter the order in which goods display on storefront category pages. Depending on your theme, the selector’s look and placement could change.

They can pick from seven different sorting options:

  • Featured Products (based on product sort order number)
  • Newest products
  • Top sellers
  • Alphabetical (A-Z) (A-Z)
  • Alphabetical (Z-A) (Z-A)
  • Upon Review (average customer review)
  • Price Climbing (Low to High, based on default product price)
  • Price Dropping (High to Low, based on default product price)

In conclusion,

This feature lets you create a custom order for your products, based on your own preferences. You can use it to move out-of-stock items to the bottom of the list, or to hide them from view altogether.

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Creating a custom sort order is a great way to keep your inventory up-to-date and your customers happy. Contact us today if you have any further question about BigCommerce sort product.


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