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system integrator

Nowadays, many e-commerce businesses have taken a lot of advantages from system integrator to support business operations and selling activity. The market for system integrators is diversified, so before adopting them into business, there are some key points to consider. Therefore, today’s article will give you the essential information about system integrators that you need to acknowledge.

Essential Information About System Integrator


The main function of the system integrator is to address the business demand and requirements to come up with the technical solution to operating the business tasks. Their process will include building, forming, and adding necessary features to support the business operation that sticks to business purpose and make the solutions compatible with the current system. 

System integrator business model

Today, many IT companies provide technical solutions for the business, including system integrators. Normally, the IT company provides Consulting services, system integration services, and close cloud services. If you want to adopt system integrators into your business, you will easily contact some solution company. For instance, SmartOSC can help you integrate various applications into your e-commerce store. For instance, the automation product recommendation app B2B platform partner Program For System Integrator.

System integrator partner programs include many exciting activities to support the business runner to run and operate efficiently with the integration. They are such different partner programs for various system integrators. Some popular partner programs include discounts for reselling Service delivery training programs and free trials.

However, to be eligible for partner programs, The system integrators need to pass some standards related to the annual revenues, sell milestones, or have a specific invitation.

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Advantages Of System Integrator

The system integrator will receive a lot of benefits after integration. Integration can assist the business is operating without any barriers. It also helps the staff stay focused and do multiple tasks simultaneously without jumping among various applications. Moreover, the integration allows businesses to focus on the more meaningful goals rather than paying too much attention to repetitive and simple business tasks, which can waste valuable resources. Finally, integrating a new system into your operation is one of the decisive factors in motivating and reinforcing the process of digital transformation.

Examples Of System Integrators

SmartOSC is one of the leading companies in the system integrator markets with more than 15 years of experience. They provide multiple solutions for eCommerce stores to integrate into their operation on different platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Moreover, they also offer consulting services for blockchain solutions, giving you useful advice when getting started with this innovative technology. If you are finding effective solutions for business, you can contact SmartOSC to find out the most suitable approaches.


The system integrator is considered a helpful factor for your business growth. Therefore, we hope you better understand system integrators and can take advantage of them to make your business perfect.

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