How to build a thank you page that retains customers

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Customer retention strategies play a vital row in reinforcing, developing, and maintaining customer relationships for the businesses.  The marketers usually conduct customer retention approaches after the purchase process, through post-purchase campaigns, etc.  Today, our article illustrates how we can return customers via thank you page with detailed instructions and recommended approaches. 

Create Thank You Page To Enhance Customer Retention

Redirect To Your Product Page

Usually, the thank you page is the final step of the customer journey, so it’s difficult for them to have a chance to go back to your store and continue their shopping. Therefore, if you want to keep them engaged and offer them an opportunity to discover more interesting products on your eCommerce store, you need to redirect them to your product page, blog, or landing page.  As a result, they can stay on your site longer, increasing the rate of making the next purchase rather than leaving your store and visiting another.

Encourage Sharing Feedback

Customers always need improvements in their shopping experience. Although they have successfully purchased your products, they may still encounter some issues during the shopping process. Therefore, you can take advantage of the thank you page to ask them for feedback. It should be a critical task. You just invite them to send the feedback and encourage them by giving vouchers for the next purchase. Asking for feedback also expresses your attention, care, and appreciation to the customers and helps them feel valued. 

Display Cross-sell And Upsell Page

Like other pages on your eCommerce stores, the thank you page is also ideal for you to recommend products related to customer preferences, current marketing trends, and seasonal needs. Moreover, if the customers are satisfied and have successfully placed orders, they are possibly willing to make the next purchases. Also, you need to focus on personalization of the recommendation, taking advantage of customer data and the products they bought. For instance, you can use Order Booster to generate suitable and personalized cross-sell and up-sell pop-ups.

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Invite Users To Reach Out

Next, a thank you page can help you give customers a reaching-out suggestion. It is an opportunity to invite customers to participate in your annual webinar, customer conferences, or other activities to enhance engagement. Moreover, you can suggest they subscribe to your blog and other communication channels to keep them in touch. 

Offer Free Education Or Trial 

It would be better if you could add value to your product by providing free educational usage and free trial periods. For example, if you sell smart devices or applications, you can offer tutorial videos or courses to utilize and take advantage of your products without any barriers. Moreover, you can give them a 2-week or one-month trial for them to experience and initially explore your app. 


Different firms could have different customer retention strategies on their thank you pages. We hope our recommendations can be a valuable source to collect ideas and create a compelling thank-you page.

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