The right way to do BigCommerce automate marketing


When it comes to marketing your business, automating key elements of the process can help make sure that you are always taking full advantage of the opportunities available. But in order to get it right and maximize your results, you have to know how best to create an effective BigCommerce automate marketing strategy. In this blog post, we’ll provide all the details you need on setting up automation the right way so that you can start getting better results right away!

What does marketing automation do?

Through a variety of interactions, including emails, website visits, app usage, social media use, and more, you gather consumer data. A 360-degree perspective of each consumer is made possible thanks to this data.

The right way to do BigCommerce automate marketing

From there, marketing automation takes over, automating segmentation and targeting procedures to swiftly and efficiently identify the appropriate consumers. It will create automated message personalization based on client profiles. With a few easy clicks, relevant and tailored messages can be created across email, mobile, social, online experiences, and beyond. Also, it will effortlessly and successfully provide individualized experiences for your clients, whether you have 100 or 100 million.

Customer journeys are the outcome of every person’s unique brand interaction. Marketing automation enables you to tailor each interaction based on customer data, enabling you to create continuous, seamless journeys across every brand touchpoint.

Marketing automation produces appropriate communications and content at scale across several platforms. 

  • Send dynamically personalized email messages that go beyond just using a customer’s first name in the subject line. 
  • Make use of SMS/MMS, push alerts, and group messaging to integrate mobile messaging with your email and social media marketing. 
  • Create digital adverts that are displayed to the appropriate person at the appropriate time. 
  • Automatically suggest the appropriate goods to each user on your website.
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The right way to do BigCommerce automate marketing

The right way to do BigCommerce automate marketing

Consider the following recommended practices as you develop your BigCommerce automated marketing strategy:

  • Describe and present your objectives. To convince your stakeholders to support the purchase of marketing automation software, present solid facts.
  • Work with different teams. Several teams inside your organization will be impacted by your marketing automation approach. Before you start, get their opinion and buy-in.
  • Visualize the processes. Use thorough flowcharts of your marketing automation process to effectively and efficiently communicate your organization’s overall goals.
  • Make sure your database is segmented. Think about your consumer information. Consider who you want to engage and why.
  • Get ready with your content plan. Create a content library. Create messaging that is relevant, exciting, and targeted to all customer lifecycle stages.
  • Consider a gradual rollout. The most prosperous marketing automation companies in the world space out their launches. To increase your chances of success, test as soon as possible and optimize the next block of programs.
  • Investigate as you go. Examine what is and is not working. Spend part of the time you gain back from automation analyzing the data and making the necessary modifications to expand your company.
The right way to do BigCommerce automate marketing

In Conclusion,

BigCommerce provides a powerful platform for creating BigCommerce automated marketing campaigns that not only make tasks easier, but also give you an edge when it comes to connecting with customers and driving higher levels of sales growth.

Finally, an efficient email marketing tool for BigCommerce business owners enables you to quickly segment your subscriber list and send messages to the right consumers. The integrated connection of Atom8 with Sendgrid, MailChimp, and Klavyio can assist you to fully use automation in your interactions with new contacts and provide a quicker, more individualized customer experience. Please contact us today if you need any of these excellent functionalities!

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