This is how eCommerce stores automate Christmas sales


During Christmas seasons, eCommerce stores are busy gearing up for one of their busiest sales seasons. To ensure that they make the most out of this holiday season and capture as much revenue as possible, many online retailers automate portions of their operations in order to maximize efficiency and profits. 

In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at how eCommerce automate Christmas sales strategies to help you make the most out of this Christmas season without sacrificing customer experience or quality. So if you want to learn about what automation strategies work best during Christmas sales, read on!

Why is it important to automate sales on holidays?

This is how eCommerce stores automate Christmas sales

The Christmas rush is a well-known reality since both online and offline merchants see a constant rise in customer traffic. With massive volumes of traffic concentrated on a single day, Black Friday’s recent development as an annual “event” has only helped to strain resources to their limits.

In the months leading up to Christmas, seasonal workers are frequently added to the workforce. This tactic’s cost-effectiveness, however, is debatable. Your company needs to take into account secondary expenditures like training in addition to the headline price of paying temporary personnel. In order for your temporary staff to help properly, equipment must also be provided.

Black Friday is also a significant portion of the annual sales cycle, making the cost-effectiveness of hiring temporary workers for online shops even more questionable.

Fortunately, automation software may give a hand and reduce the effort over the holiday season. 

How eCommerce automate Christmas sales are employed

This is how eCommerce stores automate Christmas sales

Keep an eye on your inventory to prevent overselling

Create an automatic workflow that is activated in real-time throughout your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions when your inventory reaches a specific number. Your website starts out by pushing back “zero” in order to buffer the remaining stock you have. 

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On your live site, the item will then show up as “out of stock,” safeguarding you from unintentionally overselling and saving that item for when your deal expires.

In your transactional emails, upsell goods depending on consumer tags

Especially if your sales are ongoing for more than a few days, just because a buyer buys something on Black Friday doesn’t guarantee they won’t come back and buy anything else. Using customer tags, upsell products that fit the customer’s demands and including those upsells in transactional emails will help you re-engage consumers and offer them another incentive to buy.

Automate requests for “Where is my order?”

Since it’s the busiest time of year, your support staff is working hard to handle all of the incoming tickets.

Create a workflow component that handles all of these tasks for you and replies to the client automatically. This saves you from having to open each ticket, look up the customer’s details, and track down their order manually.

After an order has been delivered, ask the consumer for a review

Similar to New Year’s Day, you’ll acquire a ton of new consumers during the Black Friday season who also sign up for your email list. They’ll be making their first purchase from your company, so make a positive first impression by prompting a review request.

Orders with a certain tag can have tester goods added

Do you have a Black Friday deal where clients receive a free item? How about surprising and delighting customers by including a complimentary tester with only one particular product?

You may have eCommerce automate Christmas sales that are customized without having to manually choose testers for each purchase. It’s simpler than it appears to be to use this marketing automation. All you have to do is utilize a “if/else” logic block to extract a tag from Shopify orders.

This is how eCommerce stores automate Christmas sales

In Conclusion,

Christmas is always a special time of year and eCommerce stores should set themselves up to have the best experience for their customers. eCommerce automate Christmas sales processes, such as timely shipping, displays, and holiday offers making for a joyful shopping experience people can take advantage of no matter where they are. 

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By automating these tasks, store owners gain back time to attend to other parts of their business that need attention. So why wait? Make this Christmas season one your customers will cherish! 

If you are in need of extra support with getting your eCommerce store ready for Christmas or have any questions related to the topics discussed in this post, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here. Together we can make sure you make the most out of this festive season and hit all those daunting tasks off your list with ease.


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