Top 3 eCommerce inventory apps


Numerous eCommerce enterprises use inventory applications as a convenient way to track inventory. Inventory applications provide you the ability to arrange and manage your inventory more conveniently by volume, category, SKU, and other factors, depending on how you organize and keep your inventory.

This post will teach you what to look for in an inventory app and provide you with some of the best eCommerce inventory apps.

What are eCommerce inventory apps?

Inventory applications allow you to track, organize, and manage inventory across different channels and warehouses in real time. These may be accessed via a web browser or a mobile device and give real-time updates.

Top 3 eCommerce inventory apps

While investigating inventory applications, it’s critical to locate the ultimate product for your specific organization. Some of the main features to consider are inventory quantities, budgeting, tracking, and synchronization with other apps.

  • Days of inventory on hand

Understanding how soon your inventory levels often run out may be learned by keeping track of inventory days on hand. By giving you this information, inventory applications make this simple.

  • Carrying expenses

If goods remain in the warehouse for an extended period of time, warehousing inventory can become burdensome. With an inventory app, you can monitor inventory days on hand as well as the average amount of time your items spend on shelves in relation to other places, such as warehouses and physical stores.

  • Counting the number of SKUs and product varieties you have

A best practice in the business is to use SKUs to identify inventory, especially if you work with a 3PL that handles order fulfillment. You’ll be able to check how many SKUs you have depending on various product variants, such as color, size, etc., by utilizing an inventory tool that makes it simple to manage items by SKU.

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Top 3 eCommerce inventory apps

Top 3 eCommerce inventory apps


BackOrder is among the original and exclusive backorder eCommerce inventory apps for BigCommerce stores to regain income from out-of-stock purchases. The main features of BackOrder:

  • Allow for backorder purchases – Instantly set BackOrder from your items to variations level depending on specified inventory situation.
  • Personalized notifications and messages: Provide personalized messages to customers throughout their purchasing process, including the Product Detail Page, Cart Page, Add to Cart action, and Post-Purchase Notification.
  • Inventory management planning – Set the backorder threshold, the back-in-stock date and the delivery date, as well as the incoming stock and shipping notifications.


Cin7 is a multi-channel inventory management solution. Inventory and orders are synchronized across all sales channels and stock locations. It automates order operations to provide quick and efficient digital fulfillment. Cin7 can assist with controlling costs, margin and cash flow maximization, and inventory optimization.


  • Multi-channel administration
  • E-commerce platform integrations
  • Can work with 3PL platforms

Inventory Now

Inventory Now is a simple substitute for a POS system used by small businesses. Products may be tracked throughout their full life cycle. View what you have for sale, what you have sold, and what you need to ship out. You may easily get a summary of everything you’ve sold and track your profits.


  • Affordably priced
  • Provides all of the capabilities required for inventory tracking
  • Payment collection within the app
Top 3 eCommerce inventory apps

To conclude,

Inventory technology makes it simple to track your items across channels in real-time if you split inventory over various fulfillment centers and/or have a sophisticated multi-channel distribution plan.

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There are a lot of eCommerce inventory apps available. Finding the correct inventory software will help you save a lot of hassle and time in the long run, depending on the size of your business and how you keep and manage your inventory. Feel free to contact us if you need further support!


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