Top 5 Magento Payment Gateway

Top 5 Magento Payment Gateway

Payment gateway plays a vital role in your eCommerce selling that supports the customers submitting their account information and allows them to finish the payment. However, with a lot of current arising payment problems including financial crimes or security risks, choosing the best Magento payment gateway is really challenging for Magento business runners.

Therefore, we are here today to introduce to your a list of the 5 best Magento payment gateway, which can fit your expectation.


5 Outstanding Magento Payment Gateways


Price: 2.9 percent + 0.30 USD per authorization 

Needless to say, PayPal is really common all over the world. PayPal allows customers to create an account and download it without any fee. The customers can access their bank account via PayPal from any device at any time. About the liability and security risks, you don’t need to worry about that as more than 218 billion customers trusts and choose PayPal for online orders payment. Also, Paypal connects the customers and sellers from different nations as it accepts the transactions of different currencies.


Price: $249

SagePay, a Magento payment gateway, is really famous for its ability to enhance security and minimize fraud. It complies with PCI DSS Level 1, the standard certification that is trusted by a lot of banks and businesses. SagePay changes the bank accounts’ information into a special type of token. It helps the payment procedure become knit and faster as the customers will use their own special type of token instead of submitting and filling out their account number to conduct the payment. It provides three selections with different features and design that allows customers to choose one for their needs, including SagePay Direct, SagePay Form và SagePay Server.


Price: $199

2CheckOut is one of the Magento Payment Gateways that meets a lot of security standards and allows paying different currencies. It also provides additional storage space to help the Magento stores store shopping carts, which are paid via 2CheckOut. These features will support order management as well. Moreover, the pricing plan varies among businesses and the business which has the total value of transaction more than $50,000 a month will be discounted considerably. 


Price: $199

CartiSi is really famous in Italian eCommerce markets as it has provided services for more than 17 million customers there. CartaSi can help eCommerce sellers to refund return orders and provide a lot of extensions. For example, it allows the sellers to set the ceil and floor for the number of orders. Whenever the customers buy the number of products that are out of their range, another payment method will pop up. The sellers, who target the Italian market, should consider adding CartiSi to their store payment instead of being concerned among other suggestions. 


Price: 2.9 percent + 0.30 USD per authorization 

The last Magento payment gateway in this list is Stripe, which is known as a convenient and productive payment gateway. Stripe allows the customers to stay on-site during the payment processing even they pay different currency. This payment gateway is really supportive for annual payment that it can automatically pay as scheduled without credit card information and thus, the customers can enjoy the great checkout experience.



Can you choose the most suitable Magento payment gateway for your eCommerce store? We hope you can have some ideas for your Magento stores from our list and improve the checkout experience in the near future. 

For B2B stores, however, payment methods are diverse and can be a concern. In this case, merchants might need to find solutions like GritGlobal’s Magento B2B platform for more flexibility. The platform has more options like on account, credit assignment, and split payment. Check it out here:

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