Top 7 eCommerce podcasts to inspire and learn from

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Learning in the eCommerce world requires various skills and pieces of knowledge to operate eCommerce stores and maintain efficient performance. For beginners, learning about eCommerce related-topics is quite challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, today we will introduce some eCommerce podcast channels which bring valuable eCommerce lessons and insights. 

Get Trends And Insights Via Inspiring eCommerce Podcasts

eCommerce FastLane

Top 7 eCommerce podcasts to inspire and learn from

Steve Hutt, the owner of eCommerce FastLane is truly famous in the eCommerce world. As a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus, Steve has a very solid knowledge of store operations. This channel brings real cases of famous merchants who have successfully leveraged their e-commerce stores with detailed explanations and descriptions. So, sellers from all levels can get the ideas feasibly.

eCommerce Boost

Top 7 eCommerce podcasts to inspire and learn from

If you already had some basic concepts of the e-commerce industry, you can easily grab new knowledge from eCommerce boost. In addition, this channel focuses on robust solutions for cart abandonment, site ranking, and email marketing. If you don’t have too much time learning long lessons you can follow eCommerce boost as it offers only 20-minute-videos. 

eCommerce LifeStyle

Top 7 eCommerce podcasts to inspire and learn from

If you are building your startup e-commerce, Lifestyle can give insights into entrepreneurship and tips for forming new stores. This eCommerce podcast brings the newest update on the global market, which can directly affect selling activities. Moreover, if you need a deeper understanding of different e-commerce-related concepts, you can enroll in some courses on this channel. Lifestyle offers courses on Google Ads for eCommerce, dropshipping, and so on. 

The Fizzle Show

Top 7 eCommerce podcasts to inspire and learn from

It would be a mistake if we do not mention the Fizzle Show as the top e-commerce podcast today. Launching the first show in 2013, this channel is becoming the biggest podcast with more than 500 million downloads. Frequent Topic covers specific characteristics of each industry and different innovative tools to empower the business in operation and selling activities. Also, it offers a community for all the merchants can join, learn from each other and connect with industry leaders.

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Shopify Master

Top 7 eCommerce podcasts to inspire and learn from

Shopify Master provides valuable insights into one the largest eCommerce platform for merchants. Also, that information usually comes from market research and reviews which includes data insights, approaches from big brands, and other ultimate guidelines for latecomers.


Top 7 eCommerce podcasts to inspire and learn from

Next, DTC Pod provides useful knowledge of C2C eCommerce businesses like web optimization, paid ads, and influencer marketing. In addition, each episode will give you an example of successful campaigns which can inspire and provide more ideas for you to work on your business. 

The Glossy Podcast

Finally, we would like to introduce a channel that specializes in the fashion industry. If you are developing a fashion brand, you can follow Glossy Podcast. Moreover, this podcast will help you catch up on the latest trends in the fashion industry such as the impact of technology on fashion or some new techniques for producing clothes. Therefore, having a solid understanding of your industry is a critical step to get success.


For eCommerce leaders, these top podcasts are an extremely effective way to learn more about eCommerce and adapt those lessons to real business contexts. To learn more eCommerce tips and tricks, subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us for a free consultation on eCommerce automation.


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