Top benefits of inventory automation for your BigCommerce store

benefits ecommerce inventory management

Automation is becoming essential for any BigCommerce business today. With its power, convenience, and effectiveness, automation has taken part in many business processes, from marketing to operation. In inventory management, automation has proved it is a robust tool in this field. Our article today will list the remarkable benefits of BigCommerce inventory automation that you may have when adopting this innovative approach.

Advantages Of BigCommerce Inventory Automation

Save Time

Top benefits of inventory automation for your BigCommerce store

One of the signature advantages of BigCommerce inventory automation is time-saving. It is easy to understand as all the steps are automatic as scheduled without human intervention. With BigCommerce inventory automation, you will no longer have to deal with endless rows and columns on Spreadsheet and update manually several times a day. The staff can save time editing and visualizing stock status as some automation tools can bring a dashboard and other graphics to help the business have a better view of stock levels.

Real-time Updates

Top benefits of inventory automation for your BigCommerce store

With traditional inventory management, the inventory staff must wait for sellers to update the spreadsheet to know the current stock levels whenever a product is ordered. With inventory automation, that process is eliminated. Inventory automation tools will connect directly to your BigCommerce store to update stock status in real-time so the warehouse team can know immediately without contacting the sales team. 

Enhance Accuracy

Top benefits of inventory automation for your BigCommerce store

Calculating and controlling stock quantity always makes the warehouse staff exhausted. As human conduction may cause big mistakes in inventory management, using inventory automation may alleviate this concern. Its ability to analyze stock levels, calculate current stock quantities, and forecast demand for upcoming months is outstanding. Therefore, BigCommerce stores should take advantage of this point to manage inventory and replenish stock levels when needed. Accurate updates and notifications can reduce mistakes in quantity displayed on product pages. Customers can order their expected items without fear of out-of-stock. However, suppose the businesses face obstacles in refilling stocks during the hot season. In that case, they can try BackOrder on BigCommerce to allow customers to order unavailable items, and the orders will be shipped immediately when new supplies arrive. You only need to integrate BackOrder from the app marketplace and pre-set all the products as a backorder. The collaboration of BackOrder and Atom8 will maintain a smooth workflow and ensure great customer satisfaction for any BigCommerce store.

Better scalability

Top benefits of inventory automation for your BigCommerce store

Undeniably, inventory automation can operate seamlessly and deal with various changes in stock status without any challenges. Businesses can enjoy better scalability, invest time and resources in more crucial tasks and attain more considerable achievements.


There is no reason to ignore the great benefits of BigCommerce inventory automation for your store. We hope you can confidently take advantage of this technique to offer your business a better chance to grow. Try out Atom8 from GritGlobal to have the expected experience and achieve desirable successes.


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