Upsell & Cross-sell eCommerce 101: Everything you need to know for better revenues

upsell cross-sell better revenue

The adoption of up-sell and cross-sell techniques for eCommerce businesses are becoming a norm. Although those approaches are widespread and easy to utilize, there are some key points that eCommerce stores need to take a look at to bring their revenues to the next level. Our article today will give you remarkable bullets of upsell and cross-sell strategies, to help you attain desirable levels of sales. 

These Upsell and Cross-sell Techniques Will Bring Your Revenues To The Next Level

On The Checkout Page

Upsell and Cross-sell 101: Everything you need to know for better revenues

One of the most effective places for your store to use upsell and cross-sell recommendations is the checkout page. Whenever the customers put their needed items into the shopping carts, you may have a reliable source of information to suggest related products. For example, if the customers put jogging shoes into their carts, they will be more likely to buy socks, jogging pants or hats to serve their walking purposes. Therefore, your recommendations on this page may need to have a tight connection with what customers intend to check out. If you are afraid of cart abandonment, you can give them a certain amount of percent discount when buying in bundles.

On The Product Page

Upsell and Cross-sell 101: Everything you need to know for better revenues

The product page is where the customers usually hesitate and compare various products to make the final decisions. Therefore, your upsell and cross-sell techniques here will considerably affect customers’ selection. If you want to upsell in this step, you can display a comparison table to make clear the huge advantages of upselling products. Also, the customers may be willing to buy cross-sell products if they realize remarkable saving amounts so the BigCommerce stores can show the calculation to point out how much money the customers can save when buying together. Moreover, like cross-sell techniques on the Checkout page, the sellers can recommend related products based on customers’ recent views and searches.

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On Thank You Page

Upsell and Cross-sell 101: Everything you need to know for better revenues

Many businesses forget to take advantage of upselling and cross-sell on the thank you page. In fact, doing those techniques on this page will not only help you gain better revenues but also contribute to nurturing customer relationships. To do thank you page upsell, the sellers can give customers coupons on orders or shipping fees for the next purchase. There are several ways of product recommendations for cross-selling on the thank you page as the BigCommerce store can display stores’ best sellers or items which are related to each customer’s preferences.

On Homepage

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Upsell and cross-sell on the homepage will base on customers’ previous orders and searching history, your eCommerce can display those pop-ups on the homepage to catch customer attention. However, with new visitors, there are various options to recommend, including trending items, your stores’ best sellers, seasonal products and so on. 

Upsell & Cross-sell eCommerce

Upsell and cross-sell are popular for eCommerce but utilizing them efficiently is pretty challenging. To enhance the accuracy of your product recommendation, you can try Order Booster on BigCommerce, which can generate valuable suggestions for your beloved customers.


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