What is the best time to send marketing emails for your eCommerce customers?

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Normally, businesses usually send email marketing whenever they want, following their marketing timeline. Based on reliable research, the time at which you send different marketing emails will considerably affect audiences’ interaction and marketing effectiveness. Therefore, planning time to send emails will not only stick to the campaign’s timeline but also pay attention to effective timing. We are here today to bring interesting findings about how email marketing effectiveness tightly connects with sending time. 

Find Out The Best Time To Send Marketing Emails

Time And Day To Effectively Send Marketing Emails In A Week

We assume that marketing emails are entertaining and out of people’s office scopes so audiences are more likely to interact and read newsletters at the weekends. However, that’s not true in real contexts.

The emails which are sent at the weekends get the lowest opening rate and which are sent on the weekdays attain more satisfied audiences’ interaction. According to research from Intercom, Tuesday emails reach the most desirable results, followed by Thursdays and then Wednesdays. Compared to other weekdays’ emails, Monday and Friday’s ones are considered low-effective. Moreover, also a part of the research, it’s unwise to send email marketing on Saturday and Sunday.

Due to some variables, there are some differences in the results of studies conducted by different companies. We could send marketing emails on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays and avoid the rest of the weeks.

Time To Send B2B Emails

Next, we are going to examine the best time to send marketing emails to B2B customers. The findings are reasonably explained by the habits of coworkers. People will click on emails that were sent before they arrive at the office. Therefore, to attain the highest effectiveness, businesses should deliver email marketing before 8-9 a.m. 

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Time To Achieve High Open Rate

According to the research of CoSchedule, it suggests that Thursday’s and Tuesday’s marketing emails will possess the highest open rates. Therefore, it shows the same as we have mentioned in the first parts, and the businesses should send emails on Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for high open rates.

Time To Achieve High Click-through Rate

However, if the purposes of the research turn to aim at high click-through rates, the results look different. The highest click-through rate is 2.6%, which happens for emails sent on Sunday. Also, the second-highest click-through rate is 2.5%, which is recorded on Tuesdays’ emails. For the best open rate and click-through rate, send your newsletter at 8 a.m on Tuesdays with an automation application.

Here’s how you can set up an automation workflow with Atom8 to automatically send your BigCommerce offer emails at a specified time and date.

CTA atom8 1


We gave you the best time to send marketing emails. If you need to ensure the accuracy of time and dates, Atom8 can automatically deliver personalized marketing emails to customers group at specific times.


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