What the BigCommerce x Google Cloud launch could bring for merchants

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In 2019, Bigcommerce announced that they decided to migrate their platform to the Google Cloud platform. BigCommerce x Google Cloud makes the eCommerce operation more feasible and effortless. Here’s how merchants can take advantage of regarding this migration.

Benefits Of BigCommerce X Google Cloud Launch

Customizable eCommerce Store

What the BigCommerce x Google Cloud launch could bring for merchants

Initially, BigCommerce had robust scalability and flexibility. The migration to the Google Cloud platform has enhanced this function. BigCommerce merchants can now customize their store structure and facility per specific business requirements. Google Cloud Platform can strengthen your business in terms of power, loading speed, and security despite notable structural changes. As a result, the sellers will have more opportunities to be proactive in building their own stores on BigCommerce. 

Google Application Integration

What the BigCommerce x Google Cloud launch could bring for merchants

As we all know that Google has an ecosystem with various tools for businesses to handle their operating processes. The migration of BigCommerce to Google Cloud Platforms provides native Google integration in all the stores. Sellers can take huge advantage of Google’s powerful software without taking time to integrate. Google offers applications for trend analytics and advertising such as Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, or Google Ads. Then, BigCommerce merchant can easily Increase their conversion rate, website traffic, and rankings.

Omnichannel Solutions

What the BigCommerce x Google Cloud launch could bring for merchants

The collaboration contributed to the expansion eCommerce store. Bigcommerce stores then can promote their products via different social media channels, and the marketplace, manage inventory, evaluate the performance can take control of conversion and overall growth. Omnichannel solutions allow BigCommerce to go beyond their platforms and get rid of their limit, thus reaching more potential customers, connecting more partners, and giving more chances to expand the business.

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Lower Cost

Recently, Google has limited the free use of some applications so users need to pay subscriptions following certain pricing plans. Therefore, the migration of BigCommerce to the Google Cloud platform can reduce the huge amount of costs. When operating BigCommerce stores, sellers only need to pay a single bill to Google Cloud which includes the price of your applications and a discounted fee of BigCommerce. Therefore, if your businesses are under a tight budget, you can launch a new eCommerce store on big Commerce to benefit from this migration.

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Bigcommerce has supported eCommerce merchants on that platform by offering various supportive features. It is undeniable that this cloud movement can leverage the store operation and enhance efficiency, to bring better revenues for all BigCommerce Google Cloud sellers. Besides Google offerings,  if you still want to find robust business solutions for automation, better customer experience, or inventory management, you can reach GritGlobal to find essential apps for your BigCommerce business.


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