What to consider with Squarespace to Shopify migration


If you are using Squarespace but considering migrating to Shopify, you’ve come to the right place. You may be unsatisfied with Squarespace’s features or ready to switch to a new platform. What do you need to consider?

What to Consider With Squarespace to Shopify Migration?

Squarespace is an excellent platform for artistic websites and professional services since it sports various beautiful, easy-to-use templates. But if you want to scale your eCommerce business, Shopify is better for you. Shopify will give your business more room to grow thanks to its expansive functionalities enabled by a wide range of apps and a user-friendly dashboard.

However, migrating from Squarespace to Shopify can be difficult, and your data may be lost if not done correctly. So unless you know this process by heart, you should contact an expert to help you through the migration. 

What to consider with Squarespace to Shopify migration

Why should you move from Squarespace to Shopify? 

For eCommerce, Shopify holds many advantages over Squarespace, including

Serves a wider eCommerce purpose

Squarespace started as a web-building platform and added eCommerce functionalities later to serve the additional needs of its customers. On the flip side, Shopify was designed entirely with eCommerce in mind. Hence, all of its features were built to suit the needs of an eCommerce store.

Has more and better apps

Squarespace and Shopify provide users with apps or add-ons for further managing and customizing their stores. While Squarespace only allows some essential integration, Shopify presents a variety of third-party apps that let eCommerce owners add extended features and optimize their stores.

In fact, Shopify sports over 4000 apps that help users do everything from marketing to printing and more. It also has thousands of eCommerce experts to help you set up your store online and put these apps to use. 

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Allows better customizations

Squarespace is more geared toward non-developers, so it limits any customizations. It delivers a set template to build on, which is both a blessing and a curse. It makes things faster to set up but limits branding capabilities for your business.

On the other hand, Shopify presents endless possibilities for customizing your eCommerce site. You can add almost any customization to your store by playing around with a bit of code.

Enables better search engine optimization

One thing that Shopify has over Squarespace is  SEO (search engine optimization). Shopify was designed with SEO in mind since most consumers start their online shopping journey from a search engine.

What to consider with Squarespace to Shopify migration

When you set up an eCommerce store, Shopify will automatically get the SEO basics right for your product listings. Furthermore, Shopify can handle URL mapping and 301 redirects better than many other platforms. Shopify also has apps that help you optimize for the search engine, from ALT text generators to image optimizers and more.

Supports various Payment Gateways

Shopify provides much more payment gateway options, with integrations with over 100 external gateways. Moreover, the addition of dynamic checkout buttons makes this platform a preferred selection compared to Squarespace, which delivers just two payment options: Stripe and Paypal.


Shopify is among the most powerful and full-featured eCommerce platforms, and it will work great for users who initially created a store with Squarespace. It is safe to say that a Squarespace to Shopify migration will take your business to the next level. But the transition process may be a challenge for users, and if you’re confused about moving so much data, you can reach out to us for professional help.

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