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About Dollylocks

Dollylocks was founded by passionate dreadlock artistry and education specialist. Recognizing the need for a specially designed dreadlock maintenance product line, she launched Dollylocks in 2011. After more than 10 years of operation, it has become extremely popular globally as a vegan, residue-free brand for all hair types and textures.

The Challenges

Covid-19 brought disruption to most industries and businesses, and Dollylocks couldn’t avoid its effect. The global shortage of packaging and raw material hits hard, especially for a business prioritizing ingredient integrity and handcrafting their products in small batches. Therefore, Dollylocks has no choice but to put their items on backorder.

That is when they have to face another challenge since their current eCommerce platform – BigCommerce has no native “backorder” feature.

What they did to overcome obstacles

Having over 20% of their category unavailable, Dollylocks needs a quick solution to receive backorders on their site. There are currently several workarounds, but they are time-consuming and problematic for inventory management. Considering this, the Dollylocks team went on a quest for a simpler solution, that’s when they found BackOrder in the app marketplace.

BackOrder not only helped them allow purchases past 0 stock easily but also maximized transparency to customers during a difficult time. It also didn’t take much time to get familiar with how the app works. All that the team needed to do was assign out-of-stock items to the app and everything is ready. 

Furthermore, the support team was quick to respond to any inquiry and customized theme support.


After two months of using BackOrder, Dollylocks was able to rescue 8% of its revenue. They absolutely love the app and began a new exploration with GritGlobal’s solution for upselling and cross-selling – Order Booster.

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