German Foods: Personalized Care with Atom8

Atom8 is a very valuable tool for us to save a significant amount of time for the customer service team and myself. With email communication, we automatically send product information to the customer.



German Foods - Running a food store can be a real pretzel

German Foods is an independent retailer of German and Central European cuisine in the Washington DC area. Known by locals for their vast selection of authentic German foods and amazing recipes, German Foods embodies the spirit of Mom and Pop retailers: a small but passionate team, hand-selected products, and outstanding customer care.

When Arnim – The owner of German Foods found out that their customer service team was spending hours sending out personalized emails for each order, he implemented Atom8 to expedite this process.

The most important aspect of our business is customer communication. We have a Mom and Pop attitude, providing good quality products that folks really want. We have a mission to explain German and Central European cuisine.

So, the first aspect we used Atom8 for was automatic email sending.

E-commerce automation is the wurst-kept secret in the industry to eliminate manual tasks, but not all retailers can find an accessible but effective solution for their store. For Arnim and his team, Atom8 fits the bill of being a low-code automation software that offers a wide selection of automation templates for customer service and marketing.

Customers complained when they purchased a product that was at the end of the shelf life, which is totally fine for packaged goods. And we had to explain this on the phone. Now, we have an email as soon as they buy a product that is approaching the best by date, they get an immediate email explaining this. Email communication is very important to us and we want to expand this with Atom8.

Atom8 - Sauerkraut to Success

What used to be the time-intensive task of manually informing each customer about their order detail is replaced by one Atom8 workflow. And, as Arnim found out, one simple automation to handle customer care email adds up when you generate dozens of orders daily.

We have products that require a translation of the German packaging, so consumers can find out what is in the product and how to use the products. Because we're a small store, we used to do this manually, which was very labor-intensive. Right now, this is automatically sent by email.

Atom8 is a game-changing tool for small-to-medium-size BigCommerce stores like German Foods. Its simple interface made it easy for anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, to build automation workflows that replaces any time-costing manual task. For Arnim and his team, Atom8 enables them to send timely customer care emails, providing customers with exceptional service and enhancing their trust in their brand

The German Foods team also have Atom8 workflows available for auto-scheduling sale prices and auto-turning on pre-purchasing for out-of-stock items.

Atom8 and German Foods - Unlocking BigCommerce Potential

With Atom8, German Foods marches onward with its mission to deliver excellent German and Central European products and services to its community. Try out Atom8 for free today, with all features unlocked for a limited time!

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