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About Groomers Pro

Groomers Pro has been serving the professional groomer and dog show enthusiast since 2008 and is the proud distributor of grooming products for Chris Christensen, Nature’s Specialties, Crown Royale, Artero, Wahl, Andis, and many others.

The need for automation

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the grooming industry was particularly hard hit – bottles suddenly became hard to source, with hand sanitizers and hand soaps taking priority. For Groomers Pro, suppliers could not fulfill purchase orders and products started going out of stock. Luckily they had installed a back-in-stock functionality, with their email marketing platform. This allowed customers to be added to a waitlist and receive an announcement when the item is replenished. 

To promote the waitlist availability, Groomers Pro’s staff were manually adding the promotional label “JOIN WAITLIST” to each out-of-stock item, and also manually removing the label when the product had arrived back in stock. The problem, however, is they were never sure which products were in or out of stock.  As a result, sometimes the product never had the “JOIN WAITLIST” promotional label added, or worse it never got removed. Potentially, customers could receive an email stating that a product was available, but the “JOIN WAITLIST” label was still visible on the website. It was not clear if the product was available to purchase. There was the potential for confusion and also the loss of sales.  Groomers Pro needed to find an automated solution for this issue.

This is when they came across Atom8 on BigCommerce. 

At first, they’re generally worried about the effectiveness for this was their first experience with an automation platform. Yet, Atom8’s performance indeed exceeded their expectations.

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The Atom8 solution

One of Atom8’s features is to auto-publish labels on predetermined rules, dates, and times. With this, whenever the inventory level lowers to a certain threshold, the system will automatically add the label. Customers then are aware that a waitlist is available if they want to purchase the product in the future. 

Later, as soon as the stock level is updated in the store backend, the label will be automatically removed. Simultaneously, by integrating Atom8 with their email marketing platform, Groomers Pro’s customers can still receive an announcement about their waitlist order. This is a perfect add-on to their previous solution. 

Besides, with a drag-and-drop dashboard and prebuilt templates, it didn’t take the team much time to get acquainted with the app. Now the process is fully automated and timely. Atom8 has positively transformed their work process.

Potential future developments

With Atom8 in place, Groomers Pro is freed from worrying about incompatible product labels. In addition, the Atom8 team is always responsive should they encounter any problem while running on the app. 

Operating strongly with the assistance of Atom8, Groomers Pro has now been able to serve even more customers. As stated by the Groomers Pro team:

“If you are looking for a BigCommerce App to help with automating a tedious, problematic task, look no further than Atom8. Responsive (yes they provide support!) and helpful, at last, an app to rely upon.”


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