Lexair: Communicate Excellence with Atom8

That's what we love about your app. We don't have to take the time to manually assign or send customers a note. It solves a big problem for us when we run special promotions.



Lexair - Communication is Key

Lexair is a global communications technology firm with over 25 years of experience. With a client base of various government agencies, healthcare providers, and contact centers, Lexair always delivers the best products and services.

To better accommodate its wide range of partnerships, Lexair needed to segment customers’ accounts into different groups. However, with hundreds of potential sign-ups daily, the company found it impossible to perform this task manually and at scale.

We use [Atom8] to put people on private landing pages where no other company can see their pricing, especially when we run a promotion.
It just saves us so much time. Rather than having to go in every time and move them manually ourselves, we could get hundreds of people to that landing page.

Bonnie Coke is Lexair’s Account Support Associate; she knows the problem with scaling manual, repetitive tasks better than anyone. Before Bonnie discovered Atom8, she repeatedly spent too much time doing a straightforward job: directing customers to where they belonged. The Lexair team needed an automation tool to perform one task multiple times with high-level accuracy and efficiency. Then, Bonnie found Atom8.

It saves me a lot of time because if I don't have to go in there and manually, you get a hundred people or 1500 people, sign up. If you have to move them manually, that takes a lot of time. I can't even put a time limit on it because it's just mind-boggling.

Atom8 - Exceeding Expectations

Now with Atom8, Bonnie and her team at Lexair have entirely automated their customer segmentation workflow. Whenever new customers are created on their website, Bonnie and Lexair let Atom8 do the assigning and special promotion for them by implementing one single automation.

We were so happy to have this one problem solved because it was a big problem for us. We try to get more done with fewer people here, to automate as much as we can. So this was a great automation process for us. It works well!

For businesses like Lexair, having a customer grouping plan is vital. Showing customers their right pricing plans makes the difference between a happy customer and lost sales. With Atom8, Bonnie not only saves tremendous time for herself, but she is also improving her business’s ROI.

1,000+ Monthly Tasks Automated

Manually assigning hundreds of customers daily is not impractical; it's impossible. Automation is the only solution for scalable customer grouping.

100+ Satisfied Customers Daily

Lexair is now committed to delivering top-of-the-line communication technology for all customers, with Atom8 ensuring the best shopping experience.

Atom8 and Lexair - Cancelling out the Noise with Automation

Like how Lexair helps its customers focus on their job with high-quality communication tools, Atom8 helps businesses stay on track with easy-to-implement and effective automation. If manual, repetitive tasks are stripping away valuable time and resources from your eCommerce business, Atom8 can eliminate all distractions with automation. Contact our team for a demo today and see how Atom8 fits your daily workflow.

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