MDT – When BackOrder became the perfect solution for inventory forecast.

MDT BackOrder HERO

Anyone browsing for precision rifles on will have to see their many options, such as colors and type of purposes. 

Historical data shows that there are many options to choose from, so it is difficult to predict the right inventory flow for each type of rifle. Customers have different needs on different occasions. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to expect the right amount of in-stocks. 

The final goal of MDT is to continue creating better value and accuracy for precision rifles. MDT usually takes quite an effort and time to complete the best product possible.  Imagine customers spending hours to finally decide their choices just to end up with a product that is out of stock just because they need more time to be delivered or customized. 

Problems over problems

Besides, when COVID-19 hits, shipment delays and customers staying at home are always on the move to shop for more. This could hit the spot for MDT as they would struggle to make many products available on-site.

One of the features that could save MDT from the crisis is a backorder. A backorder is an order of products or services that cannot be filled at the current time due to a lack of available supply. The items may not be in the inventory but are still in the manufacturing process. 

The only one in the marketplaces

MDT found the BackOrder app being the only solution on the BigCommerce marketplace. Currently, MDT has sold over 4500 backorders on a single site. Derrick Guay, MDT’s owner, has trusted BackOrders with his other 7 stores, which also brought many orders.  

Since BackOrders, MDT discovered how simple the problem is, and with just the right application, it can increase sales compared to previous years. MDT appreciates the easy setup of a backorder feature for all out-of-stock products within just a few clicks. 

Expert customer service

In January 2022, MDT started to use the new ERP- DEAR system colliding with the BackOrder app. As soon as MDT reported this, BackOrders quickly resolved the issue and created API document to streamline the workflow between the ERP system and the BackOrders application. 

MDT became the first eCommerce merchant to benefit from API document which enables the products to update directly on the ERP system without the need to be verified through BigCommerce data management flow.  

BackOrder’s influence on repeated customers

MDT and many other businesses have been on the same journey and achieving great results. In short, the annual BackOrders plan costs just a small fraction of their profits. The expense is just minuscule compared to the fruits the backorder features can bring to their stores and customers. 

It all stems from the convenience of ordering immediately; therefore, customers keep coming back and buying more without being afraid of out-of-stock items. 

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