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Customer’s Quote

“Atom8 helps take away long, manual processes so that we can focus on what is the most important to us. We don’t have to worry about processes relating to Order fulfillment and Mailchimp Campaigns. We don’t have to think about such headaches anymore, and we think it’s gonna be really useful in the long-term.”

Steve Bottomley, Owner

Business Overview

Silent Pool Distillers is an award-winning artisan distillery in the Surrey Hills, near Albury, 6 miles from Guildford, Surrey in the United Kingdom.

In business for 6 years, Silent Pool Distillers is a small company that has achieved national distribution in the UK and exports to at least 33 other countries.

Sales are made through national and international wholesale distribution, local on and off-trade retail, direct to customers on site and at local events, and, in the UK, via a website using BigCommerce.

The Challenges

Recent Covid-19 related events have had a major impact on the mix of distribution channels and their website has had to cope with an increase of up to 10x previous volumes of sales at times.

“Meeting these challenges successfully has been key to the survival of the business.”

At the same time, the operational team has had to work with reduced numbers and new, restricted working conditions including many working remotely. This has caused the orders fulfillment process to become more difficult and challenging than ever before.

However, consequently, flexibility and efficiency in their e-commerce system has turned uncontrollable, especially when they started to produce short-term marketing campaigns to drive sales from returning customers.

So they started to look for systems and tools to help them overcome these difficulties with very tight budgetary constraints.

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Before they found out Atom8, their daily routine was filled with full of stress

When it’s time for a promotional campaign or even during the daytime, Steve and his team had to go through a very lengthy process. To start, they had to:

  • Extract a dataset from BigCommerce
  • Analyse the insights of customers in that dataset
  • Upload the appropriate tags to Mailchimp

Even though Mailchimp could create some segments, however, it did not meet their specific Marketing criteria due to the lack of flexible conditions in tagging the customers.

Moreover, it also required the understanding of some technical tactics to acquire this setting.

As a small team, Steve wanted most of his staff to manage multiple roles. In addition, they should have planned and prioritized their day and efficiently batched process routine orders, while ensuring to meet customer expectations for service and order turnaround.

The fact is, they encountered serious time consumption with this process. As there was a list of mind-numbing tasks to do daily, requiring the staff to spend at least 2-3 hours per day, specifically:

  • When an order included a custom product, they had to click on orders one by one to identify it.
  • When an order stepped outside the normal process, they had to track each of 250 orders/week to process it separately without disrupting the normal routine:
    • They had to regularly monitor the order workflows or BigCommerce reports to see orders that contain specific products
    • They had to manually check each of them, then send e-mails to relevant team members about new orders.
    • After all being done, they had to change order status one by one in their order management workflow.

“This is wasteful of resources and potentially inaccurate.”

Doing these tasks day by day was demotivating, as they completely lost track of their most crucial plans. Moreover, it was really wary, unhappy, and boring having to do repetitive tasks every day. In the long run, this would affect the performance of Silentpooldistillers and caused serious low productivity in the business operations.

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Atom8 showed up to take away all the stress

Following the automation workflow concept has helped Steve and Silent Pool Distillers team to always stay on track with their priority, focus on their profession and make use of the best of their daily time.

From a Marketing perspective, Atom helps to:

  • Auto-tag customers who are subscribers in their Mailchimp list
  • Auto-group customers based on their order behavior and criteria
  • Auto-send email to customers to re-engage them with a new product arrival

“Now we can set up a workflow that monitors customer activity and adds a tag to Mailchimp where specific conditions are triggered.  This means segments are added to automatically and manual analysis effort is reduced.”

“After the initial success, we are now looking to deploy Atom8 workflows in more complex marketing scenarios.”

From an Operation perspective, Atom8 assists to:

  • Auto-change order status if it includes a specific product SKU
  • Auto-send key personnel via e-mails as soon as these orders reached the completed payment stage
  • Auto-add customer custom attribute to an order with a specific product attribute included
  • Auto-add custom attribute to an order based on the order’s total spending.

All in all, Steve has acquired the most efficiency in running his business, thanks to the time and effort saved with Atom8.

What’s more special?

  • Atom8 does not require coding skills. So Steve could completely put his mind at rest when setting up and seeing everything run automatically under his control.
  • Atom8 also allows for the easy creation of workflows by duplicating existing templates. This makes it easy to set up and monitor new custom products.
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With Atom8, Steve has achieved remarkable milestones in transforming his business into a productive e-commerce earning machine. Specifically,

  • Save for his staff 2-3 hours per day at least
  • Process with 250 orders/week with a speedy turnaround
  • Target the right customers and their preferred products to do re-marketing campaign
  • Provide his team with more rooms to strategize marketing plan to drive more sales
  • Take away all  the manual, lengthy, tedious, boring processes and headaches associated

In short, Atom8 Automation has helped Steve and Silent Pool Distillers to remove all the unnecessary stuff regarding Marketing and Operational activities, free his mind and pull him back to concentrate on what’s important to scale up faster and more sustainably.

Silentpooldistillers will continue to use Atom8 for their business fast adaption and growth

According to Steve – the store owner of Silentpooldistillers, Atom8 is the key success factor to optimize all of his business’ dimensions. This is due to not just up-to-date functionalities and growing capabilities but also exceptional customer service.

“During this time, the most exciting aspect has been the enthusiasm and responsiveness of the management and development teams. We have been directly supported as we deployed workflows, our requests and ideas have been listened to and the development team have turned around new functionality in a matter of weeks and sometimes days.”

“We look forward to new developments from Atom8 and to continuing use of the tool to allow our business to adapt and grow.”


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