Atom8 December Product Update – Google Sheet Trigger

Google Sheet Trigger Tutorial Video

Introducing Atom8’s newest update: Google Sheets Trigger

This powerful new trigger unlocks fast and reliable integration from Google Sheets to your BigCommerce store.

Whenever you update or add a cell or row, Atom8 automatically updates the mapped information to BigCommerce, saving you time, and reducing data errors.

This video will show you how to build your first Atom8 workflow using the Google Sheet trigger.

8 Steps to Automating Your BigCommerce Store with Atom8 Google Sheet trigger

Step 1. Set up the Google Integration. Go to the integration page in your Atom8 app and connect your Google Account with Atom8. Check your email to authenticate the connection.

Step 2. Create a new workflow. For your Trigger, choose the Google Sheets event. In the Trigger Setup, enter the Google Sheets link and select the name you want to link with this workflow. Note that your connected Google account must have access to this Google Sheet for the workflow to function.

Step 3: Click “Read Sheet” in the yellow alert box. Here, you will find essential information to complete the integration on Google Sheets.

Step 4: Return to your connected spreadsheet, select the Extensions tab, and Open App Script.

Step 5: Within the App Script interface, select Project Settings. Then, select the option: “Show “appscript.json” manifest file editor.”

Copy the code from the first box in the Atom8 popup into the appsscript.json file, under the existing code. Remember to click Save once you’re done.

Step 6: In the Editor tab, select file to edit. Replace all existing text with the lines of codes from the second box in the Atom8 popup and Save the file.

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Step 7: Select the Triggers tab in the App Script, Add Trigger for this project, and set these configs:

Choose which function to run: onChange

Choose which deployment should run: Head

Select event source: From the spreadsheet

Select event type: On edit

Failure notification settings: Notify me immediately

Click Save. And you’re done!

Step 8: Head back to Atom8 and build an action that uses the Google Sheets integration. Here, we are building a mock-up workflow that will change the product’s prices using data from our connect spreadsheet.

Atom8’s new Google Sheets trigger can help you perform any actions based on the product ID, product title, product SKU, default price, sale price, etc.

For more information, reach out to us here! Have fun building your automated workflow!


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