August product update – The next generation automation

After a period of continuous research, feedback collection, and development, the GritGlobal team is thrilled to roll out a massive product update to our Atom8 app. We are still working hard every day to bring you better solutions.

Let’s go through the changes you will see in this update without further ado.

A robust core

You won’t be able to see changes in the core system visually but will discover its power after running a few workflows. One of the first things you can see is stability. The app will encounter fewer errors while working. But even when it does, we can detect the root of problems much faster, hence dealing with them swiftly.

We’ve received countless feature requests during the past two years, and you never failed to surprise us with your creativity. Since automation is only limited by our imagination, scalability and faster feature updates will be valuable for Atom8. The new core can significantly improve the speed of innovations.

This update also adds end-to-end encryption, ensuring information protection from attacks.

Better tracking, report, and management

A revamp of Atom8’s homepage will show you all the necessary information to manage current workflows. Especially how well they are performing.

Atom8 new Home page

It’s also easier to access workflow execution history in the new app UI. You can filter execution by trigger, status, and result to analyze your workflows further.

Atom8 workflow execution history

Improved workflow troubleshooting

In addition to smooth troubleshooting for the technical team, any user using the workflow editor interface will be able to detect errors easier. You can see the details and status of each node within the workflow to recognize where it can go wrong.

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Atom8 workflow visualizer

We’ve also added infinity zoom for effortless control of more complex workflows.

Why don’t you explore the new Atom8 to discover what has improved? If you have any questions, contact us through, we are always here to help!

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