BackOrder Integration: Back up your inventory while running on Atom8

Atom8 update with BackOrder integration

Atom8 has helped 100+ BigCommerce merchants to transform repetitive manual tasks into automated workflows that are executed according to predetermined rules and time. 

Meanwhile, BackOrder allows items to be purchased even in case of being out-of-stock. With BigCommerce Backorder, customers can still buy a product and have it delivered in the future without waiting for stock reorder. 

Either app is beneficial for BigCommerce merchants to run their business faster and more effectively. This effect is now doubled with the integration of BackOrder to Atom8, which makes it even easier for store owners to manage inventory and order.  

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The benefits of integrating Atom8 with BackOrder

  • Keep track of changes within the stock inventory
  • Categorize order based on customer information and order status, be it real-time or back-ordered
  • Use automation to keep customers informed about the latest inventory update

How do Atom8 and BackOrder work together?

With Atom8 and BackOrder working together, you can allow customers to pre-order while giving your staff more time to process and restock an item. 

The following workflow takes place whenever the inventory changes. It works according to the If – then chain as similar to other Atom8 workflows. Note that this trigger is only available for inventory that is tracked on a product level. 

Condition: If the product inventory is equal to 5 

Action: Then,

  • Assign the purchasibility as BackOrder at an unlimited threshold
  • And enable Backorder status
  • And send a notification to internal staff to restock
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workflow with Backorder integration in Atom8

Now you no longer have to switch back-and-forth between multiple platforms to get all the tasks done. 

How to integrate BackOrder to Atom8?

1. Download Atom8 and BackOrder to your store

2. Go to Apps in your Dashboard 

BigCommerce store dashboard

3. Go to Atom8 in My app

Atom8 automation in My Apps drop down

4. Choose Integration in Atom8 dashboard

Atom8 dashboard in a BigCommerce store

5. Connect BackOrder with Atmo8. Then you’re ready to go. 

A full-stack solution to back up your store

Atom8’s BackOrder integration is the perfect combination that allows you to do more with BackOrder than ever before. Connect your apps, set up a workflow, and enjoy the experience. 


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