BackOrder Update. New Pricing, New Features

backorder update pricing

Grit Global is updating our pricing plan for BigCommerce’s most popular inventory management application – BackOrder. We want to share with you all the changes to BackOrder’s new pricing, including a few soon-to-release features that will improve how you operate your BigCommerce store.

The essentials

  • BackOrder’s updated pricing goes live on January 15th, 2023. Changes will be reflected on our Pricing Page here, via our BigCommerce app page, and within BackOrder’s interface.
  • Our commitment to providing accessible eCommerce solutions remains. The free version of BackOrder is still available here. Plus, users can save 10% on BackOrder when purchasing our annual plan.
  • Announcing: We are currently working on a suite of new features to give users more control over customer experience, reports, and integration.

BackOrder New Pricing At A Glance

BackOrder updated annual pricing 2023

Small change. Big Difference

Our goal of providing excellent tools for BigCommerce leaders continues to be the leading philosophy behind this upcoming BackOrder update. In 2023, we will develop BackOrder to accommodate our partner’s needs better. That is why we are announcing a host of soon-to-be-released features to our favorite application!

  • Customer live updates notifications: As part of our Customer Experience overhaul, this new feature will allow BigCommerce stores to take advantage of real-time notifications of customers’ actions onsite.
  • Advanced Trends Reports: While the current version of BackOrder gives customers plenty of data for inventory management, this new feature takes that data and turns them into addictive trend models for sales projections and stock predictions.
  • Customized API Integration: Reserved only for enterprise users is a feature that will allow stores complete freedom in controlling their BigCommerce app suite. Our dedicated team of developers will help you build custom interactions between BackOrder and your favorite applications.
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Same app. New direction

Our app users always look for the most effective way to optimize their business. We want to ensure that BackOrder continues to be an essential of our user’s BigCommerce journey. These upcoming feature updates come from months of research with our top partners. Many are already enjoying the benefits of these features for their stores! With this update, Grit Global is committed to ensuring BackOrder remains open and accessible to our users. So, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our changes, please reach out!

Thank you for reading, have a great week!


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