Announcing Atom8’s enhanced email marketing integration with Mailchimp

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You’ve probably heard of Mailchimp, which has been around since 2001. All the features of 1-click automation, basic email templates, behavioral targeting, contact profiles, and CRM really put it one of the top email marketing platforms for online businesses.

Atom8’s native Mailchimp integration makes it easy to keep your BigCommerce customers and Atom8 lists in sync, nurture new customers, send appreciation email after a purchase, and segment customers based on their activities & behaviors on the BigCommerce store.

Excited? If you’re a Mailchimp user, you’re in for a treat — you can now do things with Atom8 you couldn’t do before: 

Subscribe your customers to Mailchimp list

Use this action to subscribe a contact to your Mailchimp list in an Atom8 workflow. You can now subscribe contacts to your Mailchimp lists based on their behaviors or Atom8’s segmentation features such as customer grouping, adding customer attributes.

Some great use cases include:

i. When customer lifetime value exceeds $5000, auto-segment them into “Gold” group on BigCommerce store & tag customer as “Gold” on Mailchimp at the same time.

Mailchimp Atom8 integration 1

ii. When customer has just created an account on the store, auto-tag “New customers” on Mailchimp. For the next 14 days, apply welcome email series, then untag the customer from “New customers” group.

Mailchimp Atom8 integration 2

Send automated emails

This action is perfect for engaging with your customers following their actions on the BigCommerce store such as customer creation, order placements, etc.. You can set up workflows to automatically send emails with a premade template, from a custom email subject, sender email & name:

i. When an order is placed, auto-trigger a “thank-you” email to the customer and a coupon code for future orders, encouraging up-sales & cross-sales.

ii. When a customer has refunded an order, auto-tag “Refund customer” on Mailchimp. Then, send an automated “apology” email to the customer and offer alternatives.


Integrate BigCommerce store with Mailchimp via Atom8

Get your Mailchimp account key
Since Mailchimp API Keys are required for the integration, please make sure that you are the admin of the Mailchimp account to generate API Keys.

i. Go to your Mailchimp account
ii. Click on Extras > API keys

Mailchimp Atom8 integration 3








iii. Create a unique API key for Atom8 integration

Mailchimp Atom8 integration 4









Connect with Atom8

i. Open Atom8 app and go to Setting
ii. Choose Mailchimp to connect

Mailchimp Atom8 integration 5









iii. Paste the API keys from Mailchimp then check its validity
iv. Click on “Save”

Mailchimp Atom8 integration 6









Create Atom8 workflows with automated emails from Mailchimp

i. Triggers for Mailchimp include: Customer created, Order completed, order placed, order fulfilled, order refunded.
ii. Actions for Mailchimp integration include: Send email to customer, tag customer on Mailchimp


A match made in email heaven!

Atom8’s Mailchimp integration will allow you to do more with Mailchimp than ever before. Set up your workflows and connect them to Mailchimp — all on a single, visual customer journey.

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