Applying Automation for Sales Campaigns: How SunglassLA increased their revenue by 50% with optimal efficiency

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From its conception until now, Sunglass LA has sought to provide quality eyewear that inspires and empowers customers who desire timeless fashion at an affordable price.

Like most fashion stores, sales campaigns are great opportunities for Sunglass LA to boost up their revenue & increase customer relation. But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for them: Launching campaigns & getting the words out to their target audience had become too much of a manual process.


A look at Sunglass LA’s Black Friday in 2019

Over the week of Black Friday’s big sales campaign, Sunglass LA had their eyes set on multiple discount programs for each group of customers based on their total lifetime spending. This required the team to execute quite a few challenging and arduous tasks, including:

  • Continually publishing & switching banner ads on the website every hour for many different discount programs;
  • Reorganising and grouping each order that a customer had ever purchased in the store, and then calculating the total lifetime spending for each customer.
  • Segmenting the customer base into three main groups based on their total spending: Platinum (> $5000) – Gold (> $2000 and < $5000) – Silver (< $2000)
  • Applying different discount percentages (30% – 50% – 70%) for multiple product categories

"We truly had a painful time of manually executing all the tedious and repetitive tasks over and over again"

Viet Tran - CEO, SunglassLA

In 2020’s Summer Sales campaign, the team didn't take any chances

What Sunglass LA needed for their biggest sales campaign yet was an automation tool that helped reorganise the store’s data and automate repetitive tasks. And they found exactly what they needed in Atom8 – The Commerce Automation Platform. With less than 10 minutes of workflow setup, the team was able to automate all the tedious tasks of the whole Summer Sales campaign.


The Solution from Atom8

Content Automation: Auto-publish/unpublish content on the website (themes, blog posts, banners, etc.)

Pre-schedule switches between 12 website banners for 12 different offers & deals, once every 2 hours throughout the whole campaign.

SunglassLA Atom8

Customer Management & Segmentation: Auto-segment customers based on different criteria

Accumulate all orders purchased, then calculate the total lifetime spending for each customer. Auto-tag customers with different attributes based on the total lifetime spending: Platinum (> $5000) – Gold (> $2000 and < $5000) – Silver (< $2000).

SunglassLA Atom8 (2)

Email Marketing Trigger: Automated email via email marketing integration (Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Klaviyo)

Auto-segment customers & send automated “thank-you” emails via Mailchimp after each Summer Sales campaign purchase on the store. Then, schedule sending after-sales emails with more relevant content & promo for the following campaign.

SunglassLA Atom8 (3)

eCommerce Merchandising: Auto-publish & promote products (Product info, category, price, etc.)

Auto-publish product category “Summer Sales campaign” on the website. Then, apply 2 discount types of 50% & 70% for different product SKUs

Order management: Auto-export order data to a Google Spreadsheet

Export order metrics (products, quantity, customer’s address, etc.) to categorise orders and optimise the fulfilment process.

The result

Viet Tran and his team at Sunglass LA reduced many hours of manual work and saved up to 30% on operational cost during monthly sales week. By applying Atom8 for the Summer Sales campaign, the company achieved:

  • $24,200 in additional revenue
  • $2,000 saved for human resource over-time expense

“Business scale & operational costs are parallel,” says Viet Tran, “Atom8 really provides the automation solution that allows us to spend less and still assures the business growth.”

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