Automated Email Marketing On Magento 2.0

Magento email marketing

A Hubspot survey showed that 99% of shoppers check their mailbox every day. Meanwhile, the ROI generated by email marketing is approximately 3800%. This is why every business wants to engage with customers via emails for maximum impact. This article will discuss 3 tools that help merchants leverage their email marketing performance on Magento 2.0.  1. Magento email templates Magento 2.0 offers users a wide range of pre-built email marketing templates that are grouped into 12 categories: Magento_Checkout Magento_Contact Magento_Customer Magento_Directory Magento_Email Magento_Newsletter Magento_ProductAlert Magento_Sales Magento_SendFriend Magento_Sitemap Magento_User Magento_Wishlist To find these templates, go to Marketing > Communications > Email templates. By default, there is no template in this section. To view one, click on Add new template and choose your preferred group.  Then you can edit the template name, information, style, and content to match your store and business goals.  2. SMTP email settings SMTP is the acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The extension allows users to send emails via a third-party mail SMTP server. Email marketing is important for every business to keep in touch with existing customers to nurture their interest and convince them to purchase more from your store. More importantly, SMTP reduces the chance that your emails fall into the spam box. Some of the verified hostings are:  Gmail Google App G Suite GoDaddy Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) Microsoft Office365 Outlook SparkPost Mandrill MailGun SendGrid Elastic Email Hotmail AOL Mail Yahoo Mail AT&T Verizon Postmark O2 Mail Zoho Mailjet, and many more.  3. Atom8 email trigger Another option to automate email marketing campaigns on Magento 2.0 is to use a third-party extension. Say a visitor creates a new account on your Magento website. You can send them a welcome letter accompanied by a special offer for newbies. As a result, you can grab their attention and increase the conversion rate.  Another example is in the case of cart abandonment. There are several reasons why a visitor leaves without completing a purchase. It is either because of technical difficulties, such as payment methods not being applicable, or your product properties, such as high shipping costs. Though you can control some of the causes, there might be personal issues that prevent customers from buying from you. In this case, it’s better to incentivize customers by sending them reminder emails.  For any of these, you can use Atom8 automation. It allows you to create and deliver emails according to different triggers, such as:  Order status Wishlists Previous orders Customer activity, and so on Final notes From a welcome letter to everyday transaction emails, email is always a powerful means of communication with your customers. Thus, having a robust Magento email marketing solution will boost the conversion rate and accelerate your business growth. If you’re looking for a tool that helps trigger email campaigns without human intervention, check out Atom8 today!  

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