Benefits of automated merchandising to eCommerce businesses

The eCommerce industry in 2020 increased by 32% compared to 2019, it is a significant number and will continue to increase in the future. The main cause here is the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are staying at home more, having less face-to-face contact, including going to physical stores to view goods and shop. Instead, they are gradually turning to online shopping. In the future, the eCommerce industry is predicted to grow very strongly. Have you ever wondered that what modern technology will help you in increasing productivity and profit? This article will give you the answer to this question. What are the advantages of automated merchandising? Maximizes performance and benefits 1.  Improve productivity and precision Do you see that manually merchandising tasks are time-consuming? When doing everything manually, there is also potential for human error. We all know that sometimes even a small mistake can seriously harm the output of your business. With the intelligence of today’s automation technology, they are capable of handling any data with extreme precision. From getting customer orders to filing in informative details, let the automation do it! By automating them, you can free up time to focus on other critical tasks which need the human brain. 2. Enhance your outcome You may be satisfied with your results, however, with the help of automation, it can optimize your results many times over, thereby significantly increasing your profits. It leads you to have more conversations with customers, a higher CTR rate, a lower bounce rate, and lower customer acquisition costs.  3. Easily adapts to any marketing strategy It will be a smart choice when you use an automated merchandising tool so that your discount products appear at the top of the front page of the shopping web. Customers will find them really outstanding and curious to click on them, as a result, your products reach customers as soon as they open the shopping website. In addition, you can also choose your own discount strategy. Such as “maximizing profits” and providing business rules. The artificial intelligence tool then runs multiple options and scenarios to make recommendations. To ensure the maximum potential profitability, proposals can be automatically accepted or evaluated and then executed across chosen products. Those are just very small examples of the benefits that automated merchandising brings, it will help you much more than that! What specific tasks can automated merchandising tools help? 1. Sorting product You can use data automation to sort items with just a few clicks. For example, tags and data like trending score, color, price, product type, etc. can be used to sort products on your website. 2. Promotion or demotion of products Based on margins, you can promote or demote your products: Dynamically promote high-margin items while demoting those that bring you low profit. One more time, you can do it with ease! 3. Specific product positions to a campaign Do you have any additional ideas for sales campaigns to appeal to the target audience? It might be promoting more luxury items for higher-income people, more women’s specific products if your customer is mainly female. With automation, you can rapidly position products for any campaign. 4. Product sequencing To increase customer discoverability, data intelligence can arrange your items in a diverse way that will pique your consumers’ attention with a few simple steps. Atom8 – The ultimate solution for automated merchandising Atom8 on BigCommerce If you are opening a store on BigCommerce platform, Atom8 can automatically add or remove products to set categories. Also, your products will be shown or hidden based on their available condition. Moreover, to enhance visibility to customers, it has a function of changing product sort orders based on their expectations. With the multi-functional product management ability, Atom8 promises to be the ultimate automated merchandising tool that will significantly increase your business’s productivity and revenue. Atom8 on Shopify Atom8 on Shopify can provide you product tags to categorize them, this will help your product information be displayed based on customer behavior, or they want to search and choose for that type of product. Last but not least, Atom8 on Shopify helps you check the condition of any order that applies a discount code! Conclusion Compared to traditional methods, automated merchandising tools can be a weapon that significantly increases your business revenue and profit. This article has introduced Atom8 – One of the leading tools in eCommerce industry that helps you sell more products, get more profit and spend less effort. We hope this article can help you!  

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