Best Automated Notification Examples With Atom8

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Automated notification emails are messages to your customers announcing current or upcoming changes within your store. It’s one of the best ways to grab their attention and endure a long-lasting relationship with consumers.  These days, a huge number of emails with different content are sent out every day. Hence, marketers are reaching out to automation platforms to boost their productivity.  In this article, we’ll discuss how automation helps distribute several types of email marketing and provide best practices you can follow.  1. Cart abandonment reminder A customer who adds any product to the shopping cart clearly has an interest in purchasing. However, they might forget to check out, or the price is not yet affordable, or some technical issue happens within your website. No matter what the reason is, it is highly necessary to win back an abandoned cart.   One of the fastest ways is to send them an email one hour after the cart is abandoned. This has helped merchants increase revenue recover by 10%.  With automation, you only need to create the notification email template once and the app will do the rest.  2. Upsell and cross-sell email  Selling for existing customers is 70% easier than convincing new prospects. This is because, after a time of engagement, they are more likely to trust your brand and comply with your suggestion. In this example, Shoprunner captures the customer’s navigation towards a tanktop and sends them an email attached with other matching products. Furthermore, CTA such as “people who bought this item also bought” and “frequently bought together” is often most successful in driving upselling and cross-selling.  3. Order update notifications This kind of automated notification keeps your customers updated about the progress of their orders. It will increase your credibility by making sure you’re not trying to make a fool out of your consumers. In detail, the email often contains information such as order confirmation, order number, order status updates as well as a unique tracking code.  In this example, Fitbit confirms the order with information including the date, address, and order value. They also provide a tracking code and expected shipping date. The email makes clear that the order has been placed and when their customer should expect the delivery. 4. Sales notification Promotion programs may take place in different situations, be it the holiday season or your anniversary. However, your customer might not always be aware that a special offer is available. Therefore, always remember to notify them of any discount.  With the help of automated workflow, you can customize your notification message and send it to different groups of customers at a time. This will enhance the personal relevance of your items, thereby increasing the sales opportunity. In the case of global operation, you can set up the email to be sent at a different time zone without paying all attention to the clock.  5. Re-engage email  Regular engagement is the best way to keep your customer interested and informed about your store. In other words, its ultimate function is to motivate people to purchase more.  For example, after your customer spends $1000 in your store, upgrade them to Premium customers and send them a personalized promo code. This shows that you care about each individual customer and incentivize them to continue the relationship with your brand.  Automated notifications with Atom8 Personalized notifications lead to a 25% increase in click-through rate compared to any mass email campaign. That’s what Atom8 can help you to maximize conversion.  The platform allows for: Categorizing customers based on demographic and geographic information Tagging customers on email marketing platforms including Mailchimp, Sendgrid and Klaviyo Triggering campaigns according to predetermined time and conditions With Atom8, you can set up an automated notification for multiple events without having to switch between different apps. This saves you time and resources to invest more in leveraging your content.  Modern shopping is all about creating a seamless experience. Thus, if your business can tap into your customers’ demands, you’ll secure loyal customers and fasten your development.  

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