How automating website tasks can 3x online your sale during holiday season?

automating websites tasks

Business Automation could sound a bit overwhelming and abstract when heard for the first time, however it offers scalable proven benefits, experienced by modern enterprises. Here are some reasons why you should consider opting automating website tasks for your business. Why choose to automate website tasks? When it comes to automation, there are tons of myths around this topic. Usually, people will likely think that this involves robots and machines replacing humankind in regular tasks. Some people on the other hand think that automation is born naturally for big enterprises only.  However, myths stay as myths. Here are some basic effects of automating website tasks.  Cost effectiveness Far-sighted entrepreneurs perceived automation as a strategic investment instead of an expenditure. It will take a bit of time to recover the implementation cost, but when it is covered, automation showed to be a worthy payoff. It reduces extensive labor, minimizes paperwork expenses, overhauling and maintenance costs. Time saving As mentioned, automating website tasks simplifies daily activities by letting machines and software do them for you. Rather than spending hours on testing applications to generate reports, execution will happen within minutes, saving massive time and effort with automation. Accuracy and consistency in operations Manual processing can cause some disadvantages by inconsistency and errors, particularly when a huge volume of tasks are involved. However, Automation eliminates the chances of errors, resulting in improved accuracy. It also follows a standard operating process to maintain consistency. How automating website tasks can 3x your online sales season? The basic effects of automation are off the table. However, to give you a clear picture of its scalable benefits, let’s put it into the context of online sales season to see how automating website tasks can actually 3x your results.  Automate product recommendations It is not enough to just show people what your store has. In this day and age, the chances are that people do not have sufficient time and patience to scroll. That’s why product recommendations play a key part in building trust and converting visitors into sales.  Refer to Atom8 for the example. This automation app is developed to use on BigCommerce platform, can automate the edits on the website such as inventory management, content management, order management, customer management, email marketing. It can also integrate/connect and automate other apps like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Shipstation, Trello, Google Sheets. By collecting data, analyzing it, then understanding consumer behaviors to accordingly suggest the products that they might be interested in. In other words, it automates the product recommendation process. Extra customer support It was noted that 92% of American adults use email and 61% of them are checking, sending email every day. Therefore, it is essential to stay in touch with your customer by email marketing campaign even when they are not willing to shop to address all of their concerns. This could draw intangible values that contribute to the growth of your business.  With beautifully-written personalized messages, Atom8 automates welcome emails and actively sends them to the customer. You can still enjoy your holidays while achieving the target of making your customers feel welcomed and connected. Stay top of mind This benefit was not too hard to recognize. When you are able to build automation, you have a machine to do the recurring tasks like making regular posts, adding detailed information, sharing valuable content, responding to your customers, encouraging comments, shares, holding contests and getting your friends and fans involved in any and every way possible. This step by step will help your brand to be and stay top of mind. Follow-up with past customers and potential leads by having consistent, engaging email campaigns. Create emails that recipients will actually want to open, read, share, and act on. That way, they’ll be thinking about you the next time they’re going to think about inquiring for more information, recommending a product, or making a purchase. Conclusion Since automating your store can help you achieve an incredible sales goal, there is no reason to postpone this opportunity. These automatic applications are really a game-changer which x3 your sales. You deserve to have a work-life balance, rather than staying at home wasting time on doing tasks when clearly someone can do it for you, and do it better.

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