Backorder Management Strategies for Peak Seasons

a woman paying by card in a store

Not only in the festive period do we experience peak seasons in online business. Many retailers see a high volume of sales before Christmas or summer, whereas sports vendors get higher demands during sports seasons. This has urged businesses to leverage their backorder management strategies to keep up with expectations.  No matter what time the […]

Backorder Management Step By Step

Backorder management takes care of goods that the company cannot fulfill because the demand is beyond the supply. Today, we use different complex terms to describe how companies keep goods flowing to their customers—for instance, LIFT, FIFO, MRP, ERP, and supply chain and demand. Yet there is one important term most people overlook and misunderstand, […]

Inventory Control Tips For Backorder Management

inventory control tips

To have effective inventory control, you need to create a balance between minimizing the cost of holding a lot of inventory stock while maintaining adequate stocks for your customers’ demand. In most cases, out-of-stock orders can lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. However, imagine having a customer order that can be filled later? What if […]

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