5 Characteristics of Top BigCommere Stores

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The world of business is moving online at a faster-than-ever pace. Hundreds of new businesses are launched every year, making the competition even fiercer. Only top stores survive in e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce or Shopify. The number of customers and sales volume continue to increase as people still stay home. So if you want to start doing business online, or if you want to expand it, you’ll need to make sure that your customers have the best possible experience. This includes things like site speed, searchability, high-quality product photos, and a mobile-friendly interface, and many more. A well-designed website No matter how fantastic your product range is, a website that is hard to navigate will render the visitors away.  A well-designed online store accomplishes two goals: to make it quick and straightforward for your site visitors to find what they’re searching for. People often underestimate the value of loading speed, yet it is a critical factor in your eCommerce performance. According to a Kissmetrics report, if your eCommerce site generates $100,000 per day, a one-second page delay could cost you $2.5 million in missed sales per year. Mobile-friendly layout The trends are clear: the percentage of eCommerce revenues produced by mobile transactions increases every year. Top BigCommerce stores are investing in a mobile app. This might not be the case for your companies, yet there’s no reason why your website can’t be optimized for mobile usage, especially when mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular. You can’t afford to ignore your mobile web presence. Clear and precise images and product descriptions  It’s all too tempting to try to do the photography yourself. After all, as a small business owner, you’ve always had to “wear all the hats” at one point or another. However, keep in mind that the pictures leave the first impression of your goods. Thus you risk losing customers if your photos don’t fit the quality of your product. This is particularly true in the case of online stores. In a physical store, there are plenty of ways to check the product’s quality. However, online shoppers primarily depend on two factors: photographs and feedback. If either fails, the potential customer will leave and never come back. Also, even the best product won’t get a second look if the pictures aren’t up to par. A simple checkout procedure Your customers’ checkout experience should be as simple and accommodating as possible to reduce your abandoned cart rate. Abandoned carts are the bane of every online store’s existence. In 2019, Baymard Institute discovered that even for the top BigCommerce stores, 69.57% of carts are abandoned. Fortunately, you can always try to minimize this rate such as: Integrating security badges Offer multiple payment methods Improve customer service Remarketing with automation  

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