Defense Mechanisms: Rescue Sales With BackOrder

About Defense Mechanisms  Defense Mechanisms is an American-based tactical gear and apparel manufacturer. The company prides itself on creating next-generation tactical gear that serves multiple practical uses. It is highly reliable for constant product updates, spot-on quality, and reasonable prices.  The quest for a back-order solution Over the last century, the demand for tactical gear and clothing has gone beyond the law enforcement and military market to commercial sales for civilians. As the market grows, more and more customers come to Defense Mechanism in search of plate carriers, body armors, placards, pouches, and so on. Yet problems arose when they were not able to integrate currently available and backorder stocks on the same page.    A temporary solution was to create a “warehouse” page for every item that is about to return. However, it did not work effectively for Defense Mechanism due to the product variety and nature. The brand cannot showcase products in their storefront even though the supply has arrived. On the one hand, it confuses visitors if they want to order more stock than is available. On the other hand, some people might not be able to find the warehouse page and leave without purchasing. Because of this difficulty, there are tens of thousands of dollars worth of in-stock items sitting on the shelves waiting to be sold.  An extraordinary solution BackOrder has made it easier than ever to switch between in-stock and backorder inventory levels. Once an item is assigned to the system, a note will appear in the product description identifying the current stock level and backorder availability status. This signals that customers can place an order that outnumbers the in-stock inventory.  Furthermore, they are able to adjust the term from Backorder to Made to Order, which better suits the brand identity.  At the same time, there is a pop-up note specifying the back-ordered number and the expected delivery date. The idea is to ensure that customers are fully aware of the order not being fulfilled at the moment. However, it will definitely arrive in the future.  Thanks to BackOrder, the Defense Mechanisms team can put returned items back into circulation as fast as a pancake. Statistically speaking, the app helps yield up to $40.000 worth of products back onto the run. None of the previous apps ever did the company as much good as BackOrder does. A complimentary support service Besides the inventory management solution, the BackOrder customer service team always comes in handy should there is any problem. Currently, the team is developing a custom function to remove product tags in the Order Note section, leaving only that statement that “Some products are on backorder which will be shipping at a later date”.  Not to mention that it only takes a little time to get familiar with the system and set up the first backordered item. BackOrder has perfectly fulfilled the needs of Defense Mechanisms.   “Backorder helped us fulfill a function our store desperately needed and has continued providing amazing customer service and problem-solving along the way. I’d recommend Back Order to any company looking to optimize their back-end inventory management.”

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