Franklin Energy: Automation for Discount Programs

About Franklin Energy  Franklin Energy is an industry expert in designing and implementing grid optimization programs for utilities, state, and municipality clients in the United States and Canada.  Over 20 years of establishment, the firm has expanded beyond the commercial and industrial sector to be a full-ride provider of energy efficiency and demand response solutions. These days, their service contains 3 main categories, which are programs, platforms, and products.   Struggles to find an automation solution Operating within 3 different sectors at a time, Franklin Energy has been constantly looking for the best automation solution that can effectively reduce the number of repetitive tasks.  Their most urgent need was to schedule discount offers with a percentage off such as “20% off” or a set amount, such as “save $14” depending on the type of products. In addition, Franklin Energy’s staff were frustrated with having to wait until midnight or the opening of a business day to publish themes, product categories, and pages. Therefore, it’d be better to have a full-stack automation platform taken over them all.  However, previous solutions have yet to fulfill their ambition, until they came across Atom8.  Why Atom8? Atom8 prides itself to be the first automation platform for BigCommerce merchants. The app comes with easy-to-use workflows, not to mention several pre-built templates that can be utilized immediately. It only took the team a little time to get familiar with the app interface and activate their first workflow.  More importantly, Atom8 allows Franklin Energy to schedule multiple events simultaneously, regardless of the time, place, and discount rate. To do this, they need to set up a workflow following an If-then logic. 1. Choose the time and date on which to publish the sale price 2. Set the workflow condition. In this case, the action is applied to all products included in the Sale category. IF any of product categories match the following: Name is equal to Sale 3. Set the action to perform THEN change the product sale price into a discount of 20% and make it visible on the storefront DELAY for 24 hours THEN remove the product from the sale category and make it invisible on the storefront Apparently, Atom8 allows the merchant to expand the promotion duration to serve the best of their customers. “It seems like the possibilities with scheduling changes in the store is almost endless.”  Thanks to Atom8, Franklin Energy now has less manual work. By streamlining their business operations, the app also contributed to raising the company’s overall customer satisfaction.  Additionally, the company found the Atom8 customer support team exceedingly professional and responsive. “The customer service is more than accommodating and willing to help out with any issues,” said Jamie Fiore – the retailer’s representative. With that being said, the team has ever since trusted Atom8 for its robust functionality that smoothes their omnichannel business strategy.  Moving forward Franklin Energy has noticed a significant performance acceleration compared to previous years thanks to the Atom8 integration and effective workflows. Hence, they decided to apply Atom8 to nearly 20 other BigCommerce stores they are managing. Recently the Atom8 team has released the new Action feature: Change product sale price on the variant level. Once this action is triggered, the sale price will be applied to every variant in the parent product.  “There is nothing to complain about Atom8”.  

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