Reasons For eCommerce Fulfillment Automation

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Fulfillment is the core compenet of any eCommerce store. Nothing is frustrating as losing or screwing up your orders. One bad experience can change a customer’s behavior towards your brand forever. Regrettably, that one customer can make other customers feel the say way about your brand because they will “sell” their experience to others close to them. Notwithstanding the reason for experience – slow order processing, incorrect data, and unreliable integration, you need the right process to fix things. When you do this, you improve your customer experience, which would increase your sales. In this write-up, you will learn the benefits of auto fulfillment in eCommerce What is eCommerce fulfillment automation? Most eCommerce sellers rely on manual data entry process to take orders online using different systems for order fulfillment. However, passing data manually give room for different errors. It is easy to mistype an order number, address, name, or SKU; these can result in a customer’s lost order. Nevertheless, if the seller is a “perfectionist,” it doesn’t take away the fact that manual data entry is slow. eCommerce automation involves using software to automate the process of order fulfillment rather than the manual method. In order words, the automated eCommerce fulfillment fastens the entire process – starting from when the customer hits the “submit order” to when the item is delivered. Clearly, automation makes the auto fulfillment process easier and begins the process immediately after the order is placed. Benefits of automated eCommerce fulfillment process Today, more online shopping platforms are using an automated eCommerce fulfillment process to automate their business. The advantages of an automatic system cannot be compared to a manual method of data entry. Here are a few benefits of the automated eCommerce fulfillment process. Reduce cart abandonment For most online businesses, cart abandonment is a major issue. However, eCommerce automation reduces such abandonment by identifying when a customer leaves without completing the order. It further pushes notifications or emails to encourage the customer to complete the order. While you might not convert all abandoned carts, you can reduce the number of cart abandonment and improve your numbers. Better customer experience eCommerce automation fulfillment process provides a better customer experience. Satisfied customers are more likely to make another purchase in the future. It is easier to satisfy previous customers than new customers. However, automation makes it easier for you to keep your customer and convert them into loyal customers. Automation provides the best customer experience for your online shop. Customers can find whatever they are looking for quickly and buy easier instead of being bogged by unavailable or unrelated products. Promote employee productivity and efficiency eCommerce automation helps increase your employee’s productivity and efficiency since the software handles most of the tasks. Instead of having numerous data entries every day, you can save them the stress and get an automated system to complete the process easily. Ready for peak seasons Automation allows you to get ready for peak seasons such as Black Friday and Thanksgiving days when there are more orders. The stress of collecting orders manually is tedious and prone to mistakes. However, with an eCommerce fulfillment process, you are ready for peak seasons. Avoid errors and more data control Manually inputting customer data and orders can lead to errors due to human inaccuracies and errors. This can cause severe issues in the order management process, including shipping and fulfilling the wrong order. However, an automated eCommerce fulfillment process speeds up the process and reduces human error. Additionally, you get control over your data. Automate your eCommerce fulfillment Nowadays, the fulfillment cost takes up 70% of the average order value. Automating this process will cut the cost tremendously while allowing you to do more work at the same time. As long as your fulfillment runs seamlessly, everything else can be tackled more easily.

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