eCommerce Tips During The Pandemic

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The COVID-19 outbreak hit the economy so badly with businesses of all sizes bearing the negative consequence. However, the closure of physical stores has paved the way for online shopping. Shoppers are getting used to buying online for being locked inside. In this case, the traditional business model is no longer appropriate to manage the supply chain. New eCommerce tips and tricks are needed.  In this article, we’ll sum up 4 ways to help businesses effectively deal with the online transition.  Reorganize navigation and shift highlights Reorganize all the navigation and dispatch operation is mandatory. Many eCommerce companies have moved to a new planning and delivery route optimization software. Multiple things have changed due to the pandemic, raising concern about whether businesses can quickly adapt to it. Therefore, to sustain the business, store owners must reorganize their shift highlights. The most important factor should be delivery route optimization. You need to take into account several elements such as traffic, capacity, time, etc. Besides, an automated dispatch system will help you to assign one of the suitable drivers to the specific delivery. This will decrease the service time and labor cost. Install live chat Live chat installation helps you to get in touch with the customer as soon as possible. This is very important since more and more people are communicating online due to social distancing policy. Some customers prefer live chat because it is more convenient for them.  Thus always ensure interactive and immediate customer service. Or else, you risk losing a lot of customers online. Update policy and FAQs Don’t forget to update your policy and FAQ regularly during this turbulent time. There are a lot of issues regarding product manufactures, and supply chains. A detailed FAQ section helps your customers find the answer quickly without the need for a live chat. In other words, you’ll be able to save time and resources. At the same time, you should keep your customer informed of your delivery policy. For example, in the case of out-of-stock products, naturally, shipment will take more time than usual. Due to lockdown, shipping might be delayed and take even longer time.  Find alternative suppliers and shipping companies Do not stick to your previous supplier. Embrace new shipping companies and suppliers. Keeping a backup is a must. The new sales channel will provide you more options for delivery, with multiple benefits.  Use backorder, waitlist, or product recommendation The key to business success is to predict and well serve the customers’ expectations. Many customers who visit your page add products to the cart but leave without completing an order. Pay special attention to this kind of customer. Analyze the reasons behind their abandonment is essential to improve your performance. At the same time, send them a personalized coupon as an incentive. This way you’ll be able to maximize your store’s profitability.  These are the few tips that every eCommerce should follow to ensure business sustainability during the pandemic.   

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